Orange and fsnet (freeserve) webspace

  STREETWORK 23:00 02 Feb 2008

I have been running a website for several years, its evolved since the early days of the internet. click here

Here's the problem. I can now no longer access the site to change, remove or update files using ftp software (and I have tried loads of it). I can connect to the site but see no file structure and so cannot change anything.

Orange are pretty good at sending an automated response with FAQ's by email, but thats about all it does. I have now sent 27 emails requesting access to the website and got no reasonable solution. It would appear that Orange has a problem with older freserve webspace being available through Orange servers.

I consider most of data to be intellectual property belonging to me. How can I get Orange to sort this out and what could be my legal situation regarding access.

Could this be related to a conspiricy theory I have in Orange phasing out freeserve altogeather...

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