Orange charges

  Teaboy 17:22 01 Dec 2006

I have learned today that Orange are to introduce a charge of £12 from the 10th of this month for anyone wishing to switch from their broadband service to any other provider. Why?

  Forum Editor 18:20 01 Dec 2006

because they want to deter you from switching.

If they didn't advise you of this charge when you signed up with them, or if they didn't reserve the right to make changes to the terms of your agreement they'll have a hard time enforcing the charge.

I notice that you're not using their service at the moment - have you already been charged, or are you thinking of moving to Orange from your present provider?

  VCR97 20:25 01 Dec 2006

Orange will issue the first request free-of-charge and will make the charge of £12 for subsequent requests.

"Orange looks set to be the largest provider that charges an administration fee to issue a migration authorisation code (MAC), which is needed to change service providers with minimal interruption to your broadband. Details of the plans are over on The Times Online.

The first time a customer requests a migration code it will be issued free, but subsequent requests for a new code are going to attract a £12 charge. Another new fee is that Orange customers who do not pay their broadband bill on time will see a £5 late payment charge. Orange states that the reason for the £12 charge is that it costs them each time they generate a code, it should be emphasised that BT Wholesale and Openreach generate the code for free, and service providers have the chance to automate the process reducing the level of human involvement at their end.

We don't know how many customers at Orange request a second or third migration code, but this charge may bring an end to people trying to stimulate Orange into offering them retention deals when the customer really had no intention of moving. Where it will be annoying for the consumer is where they are moving to a new provider and obtain the migration code a bit early, this can be an issue with providers that have high demand and run a queuing system (for example Talk Talk), that may take longer than 30 days to get the user connected. The timing of when you request migration code will be critical, hopefully the gaining provider will provide an accurate timetable so people can judge when to request the migration code.

Orange is not the first provider to charge an admin or exit fee for leaving a service provider, but as the largest it is likely to get the most attention for its move. Exit fees from a service provider carry risks for the whole market sector as consumers may feel locked into a provider unfairly, which will reduce churn, but may as a side-effect reduce the number of new sign-ups. For Oranges existing customer base we do not know for sure whether it is going to apply this charge to those under contract now, and if it does it raises the issue of whether it is a fair change to an existing contract."

From web-site. (Used to be ADSLguide.)

  Severn Bore 20:30 01 Dec 2006

Is there a case for Orange to be referred to the DTI for breking the competition rules. After all, this discourages the free movement of customers - as indeed does the need to sign up to a termly contract.

  spuds 23:45 01 Dec 2006

Ofcom may have more information and advice click here

  terryf 23:46 01 Dec 2006

Eclipse let you have a monthly contract

  Chrisann 16:31 02 Dec 2006

Well we have the package a mobile phone and free Broadband etc. but I haven't connected it as I had too much hastle with them and problems with the phone line..So its still in its box. Went to Cab le instead.

Will I get this extra change even though I am not using their supply. ? If I do there will be trouble.

Should I deliver the free Broadband package back to our local Orange you think...I haven't a right to it have I?


  Teaboy 16:47 02 Dec 2006

FE- you make a good point, but how many will bother to check the small print on any agreement for a small sum like £12?

Your noticing that I am not using their service is an error. I've been with this company since freeserve days, and have no reason to change as their service seems adequate for my purpose. Kindly amend your records!

vcr97- thanks for your enlightened information. I shall be watching Orange closely from now on.

terryf- Bully for Eclipse- but are they good?

  Teaboy 16:51 02 Dec 2006

Chrisann- Most certainly return the box to Orange- It's the honest thing to do, and further
it's of no use to you.

To think you have to ask. Naughty boy.

  Al94 09:30 03 Dec 2006

click here for report in Sunday Times that Ofcom hace received thousands of complaints

  Teaboy 17:29 03 Dec 2006

A|94-thanks for athe info, it's in my favorites

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