orange broadband headache

  ianiscool 12:12 12 Jan 2009

New years day arrived and I was looking forward to making 2009 my best year. Went on the computer to find that my net was not working. Checked the livebox page and it stated ppp_server down. Rang them and spoke to a nice man from India(what a suprise). Went through the settings and resets and no go. Long and short of it, I have rang them 11 times now on an 0844 no. (saynoto0870 does not have a successfull alternative) and they tell me an engineer is checking the line. the next call they state a fault was found and will be back on...Not to be.
I ring them and they say the same thing and once again they say its done. I reset my box and re enter my details and still the same fault. I have been told twice that an engineer will text me with an update and yet have no text.
They say I cannot leave until my contract ends (feb 18th) and I am unable to make a complaint yet as they are allowed up to 30 days to resolve technical issues.
I just wondered if anybody else is in the same boat as me...
ian c basildon

  ened 18:44 12 Jan 2009

I could give you a number but I can't remember which one works. definitely provides alternative numbers.

Keep trying the 0800 ones and you will get through to who you want.

  carver 08:16 13 Jan 2009

I was with Orange for years until around September time last year when I finally realised that they are useless at customer service.

If you are getting ppp_server down, then the problem is most likely down to them.

Every time I phoned I had to go through the same script with them, and every time I was told I would have a phone call back, that never happened.

The best way to sort this is to phone up and tell them that you are going to leave, forget about having to wait, all you will have to do at worst is pay until Feb. If you wait they will still find a way to make you pay for any time you go over your contact.

By telling them that you are leaving because of problems you will get transfered to a call centre in UK. At least this way you get to talk to some one who can help you.

If you don't mind me asking how much do you pay monthly, it's just that when I left I was paying £12.99 a month for 8MB unlimited download usage, and the service was so bad with cutoffs that I still left.

I am now with Sky and the standard of service is far superior with no disconnections.

What ever you do don't allow them to give you one of their Seimans boxes, once you have one of those you have to call a 50p a minute line.

  ianiscool 13:40 13 Jan 2009

Hi. I have tried the I want to leave and have told that i will have to pay a fee for leaving early. It is great though. When you phone the technical department you go to India. When you ring cust service you get the UK. I got a Scottish fella when I first rang cust service and I said, great an Englishman. Oche eye, by the tone of his voice, that didn't go down to good.
I joined Orange when they were doing a laptop deal. I got a £600 laptop and they took £300 off the price. I have been paying £18.99 for my 8mb service and this is the first time that I have had problems.
In response to ened:
I tried the numbers on saynotto0870 and I either got a recording telling me to redial the 0844 number or if i got through to a human (I think)and I got told to ring back on 0844 bla bla bla.
It seems that its another firm that just has to make as much money as they can.
Roll on feb 18th. I shall definately be reding reviews before I choose my next company.

  amonra 14:31 13 Jan 2009

Yes, just sit tight until the "leave by date" then go find a better ISP, I did.
Make sure you have a copy of ALL correspondence with them and give them ample notice that you want your MAC code before you leave. Dont take anything verbal as the truth, they can deny things at a later date.
PS I moved to Newnet, very satisfied.

  GaT7 17:20 13 Jan 2009

When you can leave them, see if you can get O2 BB click here in your area click here (go through Quidco to make the deal even sweeter click here).

See this recent O2 post click here. More O2 threads click here.

The last time the line was down, I spoke to someone on a free phone number in the UK. They said it was BT's problem, but an engineer was checking anyway, & I was back online a few hours later. G

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