Orange Broadband ( Disapointed Customer )

  Retief 13:22 25 Feb 2007

I have Orange Broadband and previously I was with Freeserve and then Wanadoo, and I recently downgraded to the £14.99 a month and since then my Orange broadband has not worked, it keeps saying does not recognise username/password, although its been the same username/password for a few years now, ive phoned Orange and keep getting passed around to different people with no explanation what so ever, ive even had a solicitor fax them a letter with no reply still, then they promised to phone me back, they never phoned, and ive rang everyday for 3 weeks now, and because I downgraded only 3 weeks ago, its the start of a new 12 month contract, and I was hoping someone could give me some advice as to what to do next as in whom I could contact next or any advice what so ever would be most welcome, its a USB Speedtouch modem that I use.

Thank you

  n4165si 14:14 25 Feb 2007

they will keep passing you off ,if you can get access to another m/chine that can get broadband, go to their Orange Help and Technical support page ,and click the Communicating with us ,until you get a page that you have to fill in your details and it will ask you to type in your problem,then submit will have to wait for them to answer although you will get confirmation of receipt. at least with this you will have confirmation that they have recieved your e mail ,just in case later on you might want to dump them. at present Orange are having all sorts of problems. i'm sorry i cannot help you with your paticular problem, but good luck

  anchor 14:20 25 Feb 2007

It seems lots of people are having problems with Orange since they took over from Wanadoo.

click here

  jarani 15:16 25 Feb 2007

same here - since January they say they cannot collect my subs which they had no problem with for the past 3 years - without any change on my part - they have now charged me late payment fee - I have decided to change with all the bother of changing the email address etc - although this may stop the 100 odd spam that come in every day now

but - who to change to - at present I pay £18.99pm

any suggestions please ? - jarani

  Lord Justice 15:18 25 Feb 2007

Hi Kev,

Keep listening to these guys, just a quick question for my friend who started this thread.

Is there a regulatory body he could report Orange to?

  n4165si 15:50 25 Feb 2007

you could try this link, This will take you to a site set up for Orange users ,you could probably get the ofcom address there. you should also get a flavour of the problems users are being subjected to

  john-231489 16:17 25 Feb 2007

You could also try click here. If Orange are a member then they will assist.

  spuds 16:33 25 Feb 2007

If Orange are not providing an acceptable service, then you could well have a claim against them under consumer law.

Further advisory contacts click here click here
click here

  STREETWORK 10:15 26 Feb 2007

I have found that the tech support is really, and I mean really hopeless.

But then I did find this site really, really useful.

click here

  luthier 10:40 26 Feb 2007

My brother-in-law had the same problem when he upgraded from dial-up to broadband. Orange changed his username from to without telling him. The password was the same. You could try using or something along those lines. Good luck.

  robbiepaul79 13:49 27 Feb 2007

Sorry to hear you are having problems but im not surprised....i myself was a customer of Freeserve and Wanadoo with no major problems but as time progressed the service and customer support has totally went down the tubes.

My advice to you is to cancel your account with them asap due to the new laws they cannot with-hold your mac code now. Do not worry about being in a new contract just cancel any direct debits you have with them.

This will make them take notice of you yet do not be fooled into accepting anything other than your account being cancelled.

All in all its time to find a decent ISP my friend i choose Eclipse but there are many out there.

Good Luck

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