Orange Broadband - change of conditions.

  hugh144 19:23 20 Dec 2007

Hi - I received an email yesterday from Orange informing me that they are changing the terms of conditions as from 8th January. They included the new version of their T & C for Orange Broadband users which reads like a chapter from War & Peace!

Has anyone studied the new version, iso, are their any significant changes in the new version?

  VCR97 21:03 20 Dec 2007

I had a look at all fifteen pages but I've no idea as to what has changed. It would have been nice if they had taken the trouble to highlight the changes.

  Alan2 21:19 20 Dec 2007

Like many of Orange's customers I've had more than my fair share of problems and my concern about the T&C is that you have to accept them or find a new provider before 19 January 2008 (as I read the covering note).

If one does accept them by default I wonder whether this constitutes a new contract thereby making it nigh on impossible to move to a new provider.

As VCR97 says it would have been very useful if they'd also provided some clear explanation of the key changes as credit card providers have to.

Perhaps this point should be drawn to the attention of OFCOM.

  jarani 23:00 20 Dec 2007

I am also very concerned and have no idea what changes have been introduced

perhaps it is time to leave , but which way to move ? - that has always been the dilemma - particularly with the changes to the email address - I am thinking of taking up Gmail from Google but which ISP to move to ?

any ideas please ? suggestions would be appreciated - jb

  ened 07:14 21 Dec 2007

"particularly with the changes to the email address"

I have an old email address (.fsnet...) which I still use but no longer are they my isp.

What changes might you be talking about?

  logoff 08:59 21 Dec 2007

I enclose an extract from the "new" conditions as below:
"11.12 Where BT or another Network Operator notifies us that you have requested them to transfer the Service(s) we may treat that as 30 days notice from you to terminate this Agreement. In those circumstances the Service(s) may cease straight away (in accordance with industry migration processes). You will have to pay any outstanding Charges including up to the end of the 30 day period or to the end of any applicable Minimum Period (whichever is the longer).

11.13 On termination of the Agreement we shall have the right to automatically terminate any remaining agreements with any other Orange Company and their related Service(s) immediately and without further notice to you.

11.14 On termination of the Agreement for whatever reason, you agree to return the Equipment to us in the prepaid returns envelope provided. If you fail to return the Equipment complete and in good working order within 30 days of termination, we reserve the right to charge you a reasonable charge for the Equipment. The amount of such charge will depend on how long you have had the Equipment.

11.15 In the event of termination, all the information we are storing on your behalf on our servers may be deleted and in particular we may delete all the emails in your email account. Charges billed and/or paid in advance to the end of the next billing period shall not be pro rated or refunded but shall be used to discharge our administrative expenses arising out of the termination of the Agreement."

Seems a little unreasonable possibly.....

  amonra 13:09 21 Dec 2007

Heads, Orange wins.
Tails, You lose.

It's always been so. That's why I voted with my feet some months back to NewNet.

  spuds 13:33 21 Dec 2007

If you think that there is cause for alarm, then you may have a complaint procedure under 'Unfair Contract'. Consumer Direct or the Office of Fair Trading should have the answer.

  jarani 20:39 21 Dec 2007

ened - if you do not change the email address you will continue to receive the spam mail, be it that it is directed to the junk box, I would like a new start - jb

  hugh144 11:40 23 Dec 2007

Thanks for taking the time to respond - it seems to me that Orange have got you by the b***s. My 12 month contract ends in March - think I'll start looking elsewhere!
Compliments of the season to all.

  Miros 00:46 24 Dec 2007

If someone changes terms and conditions I would think that you have the right to decline, and therefore your contract with them would be at an end if you so wish with no penalties to your self. The b***s would then be in your court perhaps:-)

Maybe someone with legal training would like to comment on this aspect.

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