Orange broadband any catches.

  v1asco 16:52 01 Apr 2011

Doing my review of phone/BB and Orange are coming up favourites price wise.

Over 18 mths they average after discount £15pm.

Next is Sky £18.50.

Orange also has cheap calls to my international countries where Sky do not.

Presently I use Sky BB and BT landline.

Sky have offerred me a free Sky + box and new router.

My instinct is to go orange, but first want to know if stories about them slowing down during peak periods/ heavy downloads are true, or anything else.

My apartment has a lot of blind spots so an improved router may also help.

Comments please ( I have contacted my providers with the usual 'threat' and the loyalty bonuses are reflected in the above.)

Many thanks

  carver 17:18 01 Apr 2011

Orange are great until you need help, then the money saved may not seem very attractive.

I was with them for years and spent more time phoning complaining about cut offs than I care to remember.

Broad band speed kept getting knocked down from about 6 meg down to 3 meg then had to phone to get it back up every few weeks.

but it's up to you, your the one paying.

  morddwyd 19:55 01 Apr 2011

Orange promised me "up to" 8 meg.

Over the twelve month contract it never got to even 1 meg.

  amonra 20:32 01 Apr 2011

Gave up on Orange some years back when I couldn't understand the asian gentlemen who were trying to assist me. Maybe they have improved, but once bitten ............

  Flak999 21:07 01 Apr 2011

Before you do anything take a look here click here

  anniesboy 07:42 02 Apr 2011

Also look here click here

  RobCharles1981 10:29 02 Apr 2011

And Here:

click here

I'm with Titan ADSL in my opinion they are excellent and professional. I can't get ADSL2 in my Exchange so I'm on ADSLMax (8meg)

I'm on the Surfwise Package, it has a 1 Month Contract, no Port Blocking or Traffic Shaping and a nice usage allowance of 100gig, and UK Based Support.

  v1asco 11:07 02 Apr 2011

Perhaps I should have asked for both.

Still, thank you all. I am still thinking though at the mo Sky looks more favourable, reduced to £18.5 a month for tele/bb + the incentives in my first post. Though may have to use outside companies for phone calls

BT have offerred a line rental reduction to £9.65.

So it is definiyely worth calling up and going to the disconnect option.

Keep them coming please.

  OTT_B 12:57 02 Apr 2011

Sorry, no good comments to make of Orange. I've had almost exactly the same experience as carver.

I'm also reviewing my broadband supplier (currently Plusnet). Tesco are coming out quite well as a candidate, as is a different package from Plusnet.

  carver 13:00 02 Apr 2011

I've been with Sky now for a couple of years and (touch wood and all that crap) have not had one line drop in all that time.

I get 9 meg download with no download cap so I get that no matter how much I download, last month it was in excess of 250GB.

So thats another thing you have to think about, how much will you download and will you exceed it.

  ventanas 21:16 03 Apr 2011

I had been with Orange for some time, through the Freeserve and Wanadoo periods. A while back I was enticed by the BT ads on TV, not that I was having any problems, the BT offer just looked good. So I sigend up for 18 months. Six months later I had bought myself out and was back with Orange. BT were absolutely terrible, whereas I had never had a problem with Orange and still haven't, apart from a dodgy router which was replaced in a couple of days.
In fact I now have landline and three mobiles with them. I have no complaints whatsoever.

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