Orange - any penetrated them yet?

  PA28 15:06 16 May 2008

Having been with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange for more years than I care to recall, I have found - like others on this forum it appears - that the service declined very rapidly after I had signed up to their Home Max broadband package. To cut a long story short I have since experienced connection problems, particularly at busy times, and charges were increased substantially by the addition of a setup fee shortly after I had signed up. On the second point I have emailed them three times no, but I don't get any more than an acknowledgement. On the former, every helpline number (when you can find one in their "helpline" online tracking system - a totally frustrating exercise in going round in circles) leads me to an Indian callcentre, where the staff are exceeding pleasant but can be difficult to comprehend, and are mostly wholly ineffective.

My latest problem comes with billing. Having checked my account since last statement, I found the total of calls charged since my last bill to be on the high side. As the bill is itemised, it was easy to printout and check the entries - and it didn't take too long to find that most chargeable calls were actually being charged FIVE TIMES over.

The helpline number sent me to India. After a lengthy conversation it became apparent that the operatives there do not have access to unbilled accounts. The advice given was to wait until the next invoice date, the invoice would then be charged by direct debit, and then I should query this and claim a refund! Needless to say, this didn't appeal to me, though I must admit that if Orange were doing this to every customer then their own cashflow would be fantasticly improved.

As India obviously couldn't assist as they were not party to the information, I asked if there was someone in the UK that I could contact. No, came the reply. It turned out that piece of information, at least, was correct.

Searching UK phone numbers for Orange invariably returned 0870 numbers that returned you straight to the India call centre menus. Even the 0800 numbers listed did the same. Eventually I was able to speak to a very helpful UK based Orange Switchboard (on an 01727 number) but even she couldn't find a number to put me through to. Eventually (after I had called her back 6 times follwing unsuccessful connections) she suggested a main Orange switchboard number on 0870 ....... you already know what this connected me to.

Is there anyone in the Orange UK Company that we can contact to sort issues such as these out? Has anyone succeeded in penetrating their armour?

In the meantime, anyone on Home Max - please check your charged calls this period very carefully.

  nickhick 15:10 16 May 2008

Why not have a look at click here and see whether anyone there has an answer, also.

  PA28 15:23 16 May 2008

Thanks for that link. Not just me then?

(I have asked FE to move this thread into Consumerwatch incidentally - my fault for posting too quickly).

  Rob_08 16:30 16 May 2008

I had problems in the past, but for the last 18 months everything has been excellent with Orange.
Super fast connection, no down time and 1000 hours of international calls a month.
No complaints here.and 19.99 a month with no extras.

  Woolwell 16:31 16 May 2008

Orange have 4 locations in UK. Orange Broadband is separate from Orange Mobile and you cannot get one to to talk to the other. I have found that with Broadband it is an Indian call centre but with Mobile it is an English call centre.

Have you tried 0844 873 8586 but I think that this mat put you through to the Indian call centre too.

  Woolwell 16:33 16 May 2008

Correction - they have 4 call centres in UK there are more than 4 locations.

  gpzdave 00:58 17 May 2008

I was with them up till the beginning of Dec last year, their b/b service, I thought was A1, no complaints over the years, however their customer service, thats another story. Shocking, wanted to move my service over to sky as we were taking the rest of the package, thats when the trouble started. Eventually got changed over in dec(from Oct) last year but received a bill from them in Feb this year for b/b services for Jan this year even though we moved to sky in Dec.
Needles to say it has not bee paid, we have had one letter threatning legal action but!!!
Can they charge for a service they are not providing at the time?

  PA28 12:25 17 May 2008

It's penetrating their customer services to get a sensible answer that's the problem. Overall I am still fine with what I get (provided that they don't actually blatantly overcharge me as they appear to be doing at the moment - and that cannot be disputed as I have the itemised statement in print) but they simpy stonewall emails and phonecalls. I have been with them for many many years - but a new contract was required for their Home Max package which has a minimum term attached. If things don't improve, then as soon as the minimum contract term expires I will seek an alternative with a company that actually responds to enquiries - or sooner if Orange breach the terms. I just find the whole experience to be totally frustrating (not to mention costly) at present.

  PA28 09:42 02 Jun 2008

I finally had an email from Orange admitting that they had suffered a system error, resulting in all of my calls over a 3 day period being charged 4 or 5 times over. They have advised that there will be a block credit in respect of these calls shown on my next statement.

Might I suggest that anyone on an Orange package with inclusive calls should check that they don't have the same problem with charged calls during May 2008? They're easy to miss.

  PA28 11:22 27 Jun 2008

No credit given. They have acknowledged again and said credit will be on next statement. Small sum - but if this is happening to a lot of their customers, it's a brilliant way for them to improve their cashflow..........

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