Optical Wireless mouse..does it switch off?

  six-h 23:16 26 Nov 2009

I've bought one of the Aldi "Specials" Wireless K/B and Optical mouse.
My previous set was wireless, but the mouse was a bally one.
Does the laser eventually shut off completely after a period of inactivity?
I've only seen it go dim, and short of leaving it with it's "legs in the air", I can't see that it goes off completely
It's a bit like having to get inside the fridge to be sure the light goes out!

  LinH 00:12 27 Nov 2009

On some wireless mice you can switch them off by pressing and holding a button on the underside for a couple of seconds.

Have a look underneath and see if there is one there.


  six-h 00:21 27 Nov 2009

Thanks LinH, there is no button under the mouse.
I'm surprised that the "Manual" doesn't cover this rather than say stupid things like "It is important to disconnect the equipment before attempting cleaning"...or else what! lol

  D@ve 00:39 27 Nov 2009

What happens when you try to use the mouse after a long period of inactivity?

If you need to click a button or something to bring it back to life then it must shut off, however, if it just works then it must always be on (otherwise it wouldn't be able to detect movement!)

  six-h 00:44 27 Nov 2009

So far I've only left it for about 20 mins, but it is immediately active when I move it.
Leads me to think it might be very expensive on batteries!

  LinH 00:57 27 Nov 2009

Not necessarily so.

I have a Logitech wireless mouse on my desktop and this is always on, so to speak. I think it goes into a low power mode if inactive because the batteries seem to last quite a long time.


  six-h 02:34 27 Nov 2009

Hmm...depends what constitutes a long time!
I've taken out the dongle to see if it relies on a return signal to stay switched on, but it made no differnce over a half hour.
I'm also finding that the pointer "sticks", I'm not using a mouse mat, since I understand these optical mouses don't need one.
Just in case it was objecting to my dirty desk, I've also washed and polished the desk top which is a grey "eggshell" finished Formica or similar, but it still sticks

  BT 08:13 27 Nov 2009

"I'm not using a mouse mat, since I understand these optical mouses don't need one."

What they need is a surface that has a readable surface. If your desk is a plain even colour it may not work so well as if there is a more uneven or textured pattern.
I use a plain coloured mouse mat with a wrist rest but it has a fabric type of finish which has a slight texture.

  donki 09:38 27 Nov 2009

I have 3 wireless mice (yes I know SAD) and not one of them turn off and not one is overly hard on batteries. When not in use (moving) they go into standby, as soon as they are moved they become alive :). No ned to worry.

  LinH 11:16 27 Nov 2009


I think you are being overly concerned about battery usage.

I can't remember the last time I changed the batteries in my mouse, and anyway you can get large packs of triple A for less than a fiver on the net.

Give it a fair trial and see how it goes.


  LinH 11:17 27 Nov 2009


That makes two of us.

In fact I also have a couple in the loft with the rest of the accumulated PC junk. So probably I'm SADder; there's hope for you yet!


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