opinions on the Sony Ericsson k750i

  SG Atlantis® 17:41 15 Jun 2006

Been using a Nokia 6230i for the best part of a year on Pay as you Go.

Do i get another one or change to the SE K750i?

Would it be worth an extra hundred quid to get the w810i?

Anyone own a K750i? is there problems with the joystick, buggy software etc??

  Jimmy14 17:58 15 Jun 2006

My last phone was the Nokia 6230i which I wasn't very pleased with. I upgraded to the Sony Ericsson W810i a week ago. Excellent phone with very impressive camera quality, good quality sound from the 3 small built in speakers at the back. You even get a 512mb memory stick duo card with it. I would go with the W810i

  freaky 18:12 15 Jun 2006

Bought a Sony Ericsson K750i last month from Carphone Warehouse.

Had no problems with the joystick navigation, software runs find but did download a flash update.

It comes with a 64MB Memory stick, but I replaced it with a 1.0GB stick from the 7DayShop @ £29.

The camera is excellent, and it also has two external lights for use with photography - and for the SOS system (people can find you in the dark).

You can also purchase a flashgun as an extra.

The TFT Screen is large with excellent graphice.

I did consider W810i - but was not impressed with it's appearance, and would have no use for the Walkman facility.

  Jonathan314159 22:23 15 Jun 2006

I have had one for six months. Great phone/camera, but although I found the joystick easy to use, it's not working properly now. Don't know if there is a history of problems or if I am just unlucky.

Software gives me no issues except for synchronisation with the computer - but I've never really investigated whether this is a problem with the PC or the phone.

Photos are very good if the light is good - far exceeded my expectations. However they are grainy if the only light source is the inbuilt light.

When I get round to it I will probably change to the 810i - the joystick design is different and hopefully more robust. Not sure I would pay £100 for it though!

  SG Atlantis® 22:38 15 Jun 2006

"I will probably change to the 810i - the joystick design is different"

It doesn´t have one, it has mp3 player controls instead.

As for joystick problems it seems to be a dirt thing ie. it gets inside. Quite a common problem I´m hearing.

Besides the walkman facility is there any benefits of the w810i over the k750i? It looks to me like there isn´t.

I did like the 6230i but it´s quite dated now, unfortunately the 6233 and 6234 are exclusive to vadafone so that´s a no no.

  Jimmy14 23:34 15 Jun 2006

Don't think there is any difference except the mp3 player buttons and plus you get a standard 512mb memory stick duo card for the walkman phone which is a good add on. I think that the W810i looks better and more sophisticated than the K750i. I also have the K750i and think that for some reason the screen quality is better on the W810i.

  FatboySlim71 11:10 16 Jun 2006

I used to own the K750i, but I sold it about 6 months ago, don't get me wrong it was a excellent little phone, cannot fault it really, I just prefered the Samsung D600, which in my opnion is a hell of a lot better phone, might be worth considering if its in your budget, fair enough the K750i had a slightly better battery on it, but what made me decide was when I took my K750i into my local carphone warehouse and compaired the cameras on both phones side by side, both are 2 megapixel, but the Samsung D600 easily had the sharper pictures, plus I like the slide function of the D600. I have also found as well that the call quality on the D600 is a lot better, I have never had a mobile phone that has such good call quality, the sound is very very crisp, the people on the other end of the phone comment on how loud and clear I sound, this is due to the Samsung D600 having a feature on it called voice clarity, which removes background noise and clarifies speech.

  freaky 21:18 16 Jun 2006

This is a good link for comparing Mobiles: -

click here

  Danoh 23:52 16 Jun 2006

Have used the k750i for 7 months; zero problems, v pleased. Have not downloaded the flash update as freaky has, simply because nought's wrong.
No joystick problems either, but then I got a protective cover which has stayed on it from new.

  SG Atlantis® 06:13 27 Jun 2006

what about the w700i.... it's looks all classy with it's, aged looking, golden colour.

The only thing I can see different is the w700 has no auto focus or edge built it but has Radio and more memory.

Looks like it's the w700 for me, though I don't particularly like the joystick, you can't get everything you want at a price you like can ya.

  silverous 10:02 27 Jun 2006

....wait for that, I am .... 3.2mp camera :)

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