Opinions on Saitek Eclipse II keyboard.

  Chris the Ancient 18:00 04 Jan 2009

My ancinet MS wireless keyboard curled and died (shame!).

Time to think of a replacement as my old standby keyboard is 'clunky', noisy and quite heavy keys.

I want something a bit whizzy (boys' toys) and quite like the looks of the saitek. Me being me, I don't need it for gaming, just everyday work (and sometimes all day.

Any opinions, please?


  m800afc 23:40 04 Jan 2009

Look at the Saitek Eclipse 3. I have one for working at night in subdued lighting. Highly reccommended.

  Chris the Ancient 19:14 06 Jan 2009

Sorry for the delayed response, I've been away on a course for a couple of days.

I've seen a couple of reviews on the Eclipse 3, and a few people didn't like it as much as the Eclipse II and a few people didn't like it as much.

One of the attractions (?) to the II, to me, was it's less than conventional looks - which I actually prefer to the 3.

Using this reply for a bounce as well!


  Chris the Ancient 19:15 06 Jan 2009

Stupid 2nd paragraph! Engage brain before engaging fingers -o((

  Condom 11:20 07 Jan 2009

I can't remember what it was called but I think that our FE uses a keyboard that would meet all your wishes for something "whizzy" and "a boy's toy".

If I also remember correctly it wasn't cheap but it does the business and more.

Perhaps you could ask him what it is called?

  Chris the Ancient 16:38 07 Jan 2009

You're right! I remember him talking about it in one thread. A dream of a machine as I recall - and, seemingly, rightly so. The disadvantage I clearly remember... it was _not_ cheap! My budget is severely limited at the moment.

That's why I started hunting around through some of my favourite on-line shops.

My (dead) keyboard was a nice wireless one; but a lot of those have problems with the volume control not working (because of glitches in the HMI), so I dug out my old MS 'natural' keyboard. And did it ever feel noisy, heavy key action and clunky after my wireless one - so I looked for something robust, but light, but in my price range. And the Eclipse two seems reasonable - but with a whizzy touch and look to it.

Seeing as there have been no really negative comments, that I can find anywhere, I'll try investing in that keyboard and see how it looks/goes.


  Chris the Ancient 15:57 08 Jan 2009

...the keyboard ordered through Novatech last night arrived this morning (while I was in the shower).

First impressions...
* Nice solid build - doesn't slide around the desk
* Detachable wrist rest included - bit floppy
* Nice key action
* The backlighting is not strong - but neat
* The faceplate - a shiny plastic (may be hell to keep clean)

All in all, it looks and feels good. I like it.


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