Opinions please Madasafish

  MarvintheAndroid 22:24 08 Jul 2008

I am in the final stages of leaving Virgin due to long term, persistent and uncorrected email problems.

Top choice at the moment is Madasafish.

Any comments please, good or bad.



  Confab 22:33 08 Jul 2008

Madasafish was my isp for a few years and to be honest I couldn’t fault their service. However I recently migrated to O2. They are cheaper, faster and their customer service team is excellent, based in the UK and available 24/7.

  Tim1964 00:03 09 Jul 2008

Left Madasafish after 12 months as they 'upgraded' my speed from 2 megs to 1 for the last 6 months of the contract. MAAF blamed BT, BT didn't want to know so aound and round it went.

Now with Sky for £13/month less and 5 times the speed and 8 times the download limit.

  961 10:15 09 Jul 2008

I've been with Madasafish for several years and found their speed as good as it gets in this rural area and their service good on the few occasions I've needed to call them

  birdface 13:15 09 Jul 2008

I have been with Virgin for 5 years and have had no problems with e-mails.Possibly something wrong with your computer.If so it will not matter where you go.You will probably have the same problems.

  RobCharles1981 15:37 09 Jul 2008

click here

Falconnet all the way!

  MarvintheAndroid 21:55 09 Jul 2008

Thanks all. After further consideration I have elected to go with freedom2surf, as I don't want to be locked into another contract right now.

Buteman I have also been with Virgin for some years, the problem only started when they unbundled. Far too complicated to go into now - but trust me it is NOT my machine. Glad you are a satisfied customer but their lack of support and trite responses from the "how to be a technical support operator for dummies" handbook have driven me well and truly nuts. Enough is enough.


  Confab 00:35 10 Jul 2008

Had a quick look at freedom2surf but I can't see where it says you'll not be locked in to a contract. O2 offer a free 50 day trial click here so you can try their set up without too many obligations.

Whoever you try, let us know how you get on.


  RobCharles1981 00:52 10 Jul 2008


Please Follow my advice here....

Do you see Freedom2Surf on this Ratings page?
click here

No Because they are not a rated ISP of any kind even the forum members such as me over there will tell you not to bother with them.

First Up what does Samknows tell you what you can get? click here Report back.

If there are no LLU services where you are and can only get:

BT Wholesale ADSL
BT Wholesale ADSL Max

If you join F2S If I'm not mistaken its a 12 Month Contract bla bla ect ect

I wouldn't really advise you to go there because they are not featured as I said on the dslzone ratings.

Then you would really benift from an Entanet Reller

Such as ADSL24, Falconnet, TitanADSL

I'm with Falconnet click here who are part of the Entanet

For £19.99 a month and 8mb Speeds and 30/300 of usage allowance 30gig peak and 300gig off peak, nice low pings and 1 month contracts also to include No Port Blocking/No Traffic Shaping this would help you far better as far as I'm concerned.

UK Based Support in all Enta Resellers (Falconnet also) Who are highly knowledgeable in IT.

Please read the raitings about Falconnet, TitanADSL and ADSL24.

I have been with Falconnet since April - Amazing is what I can describe it.


  birdface 09:02 10 Jul 2008

Hi.Ive had my problems with Virgin but I must admit they are trying to get their act together and service has improved recently.[Never thought that I would say that]Help center calls are now free.And they have dropped the price of all their broadband bundles within the last 2 weeks.click here Like everyone else their foreign call centers are a pain in the backside.That is about the only problem that I can find with them at the moment.Anyhow best of luck wherever you go.I wonder if there is such a thing as an trouble free ISP.

  MarvintheAndroid 17:14 10 Jul 2008


No I don't see them on that page, but I do see them in the PC Advisor awards. Good enough for me. Didn't notice Falconnet there, mind you.

f2s is part of Pipex.

And f2s is NOT imposing a 12 month contract as I an not having any free "goodies", and there is no connection fee as I am a migrating customer. So if it doesn't work I'll try someone else. Maybe Falconnet, who knows ?

Thank's all the same.


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