opinions needed on this spec and price

  BeeWee 20:29 17 Feb 2003

i'm going to ask "someone" to build a pc for me..i love music and have a large collection of it so need an excellent sound card/system. i like to burn cd's too. i like to watch dvd's and i word process quite a bit. i have a floppy disc digital camera and hope to make movies in the future. i surf the net a lot and have 600kps broadband. if someone could conjure up a spec that would suit my needs then i wouldn't appear to be quite so stupid when i ask "someone" to build my ideal pc.

ok...this is it!!
810LMR Mainboard AMD Athlon 2.2XP Processor AMD Approved CPU Cooler 384MB DDRAM 80GB UDMA Hard Disk Drive DVD-ROM Drive 48x12x40 CD-RW Drive 3D Stereo Audio & Mains Powered Speakers Gforce4 graphics card - 64MB 56K AMR Modem 10/100 RJ45 Network Card PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ATX Tower Case c/w 3.5" Floppy Drive Base Unit Cost £534 6USB ports(Including VAT) 1 year parts and labour warranty 2 years labour only
i think i've got a good deal and a great system!

  AMD 4 ever 20:49 17 Feb 2003

1st, the mobo is CRAP! 2nd you will need a dedicated sound card like audigy. Hdd must be 7200rpm...does it includes XP c/w license?
On the front of it that seems a bit steep mate for that setup...you will be better off with a PCI modem. I personally would stay away from this setup.It stinks of cheapness!

  BeeWee 21:06 17 Feb 2003

uh oh!

  AMD 4 ever 21:07 17 Feb 2003

Don't say you have ordered it????

  BeeWee 21:12 17 Feb 2003

no..not yet but i told the guy that i would speak to him tomorrow about it..i thought it was ok..now i'm totally depressed!

  AMD 4 ever 21:15 17 Feb 2003

Don't be depressed...if you are happy with it then that really is all that matters...but just to advise you that he prob making a lot on it, as you can build muc more for that and better quality components!

  BeeWee 21:24 17 Feb 2003

lol..ok....but obviously i want the best for my hard earned money! i've saved a long time for this and want it right!! trouble is i won't be able to argue with him because i know so little about it...that's why i thought i'd ask here
i'm glad i did but if you could just give me a couple of pertinent questions for him???
by the way, the monitor is not included and neither is the o/s

  AMD 4 ever 21:31 17 Feb 2003

Well in that case, dont even persue it mate.
Things to look for is perhaps not such a fast CPU, but more faster better branded ram, a good dedicated sound card and a solid graphics. None of these really are applied to that spec. and most importantly a legit MS Windows platform.
Ask him how much will Extra be the OS. What brand is the RAM, and graphics card. The case what s the PSU rating 300W min. Get a better Modem PCI will be better!

  BeeWee 21:39 17 Feb 2003

i'm not interested in gaming so i suppose the graphic card is not so important and to tell you the truth i don't even know what a cpu is!! (better go back to painting my nails i think) seriously though i thought by going down this road rather than somewhere like pc world i would get a better deal more tailored to my needs

  AMD 4 ever 21:50 17 Feb 2003

A PC Should offer you better quality to be honest.
Dont get me wrong I think I expect too much, that spec will dothe job but all iam trying to say you can get that spec 4 a lot less.

  leo49 21:56 17 Feb 2003

Without monitor or OS that really does look expensive. You're the one spending the money so take a couple of days to look around a bit more as you can do much better than this.


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