Opinions on Mozilla Firefox Please

  abbott8 20:22 19 Sep 2004

I am contemplating moving from IE to firefox as I have heard some good things about it. Has anyone tried it and found it to be worse/better than IE.

Your comments, as always, are greatly appreciated.

  speedy12 20:48 19 Sep 2004

I had been using IE for years until my browser got hijacked. I used Ad-aware, Search & Destroy and Hijack This and they couldnt resolve the problem for me :o(

So i did a clean reinstall of my computer and installed Netscape. Wasn't too keen on it and moved over to FireFox. Its the *perfect browser*. Theres too many advantages to list but you'll soon find out once you install it!

Give it a try, once its installed, pop over to the extensions page: click here and also take a look at the themes: click here ...im currently using the Noia (Lite) theme.

Good luck to you! ;o)

  Diodorus Siculus 21:56 19 Sep 2004

I like it a lot and have used it since it was Phoenix 0.4. Tabbed browsing is one advantage; many extensions are another which add functionality.

  Mucky duck 22:37 19 Sep 2004

Similar features to Opera, and even quicker than the older versions of opera.
Much better than ie, easier to setup also.
Still looking for something worse than ie.

  flu 22:38 19 Sep 2004

read this

click here

  Q-Bie 22:47 19 Sep 2004

Again used since Phoenix 0.3, it's been my main browser since 0.5 I think, and I don't regret ever moving.

click here


  JayDay 08:31 20 Sep 2004

Switched to Firefox about three months ago. Love it. Best thing I did. Give it a go.

  CooksterC 12:41 20 Sep 2004

I have been using Firefox at home and at work for sometime, but some of the functionality on some sites do not work using it.

For example, completing an order at click here, actually looking at click here website does not work.

This is not a problem with Firefox, more of a blinkered view by these websites. They are coded to rely on Internet Explorer, rather than using global standards.

Firefox is simple to use, and very powerful, better than IE, in my opinion, but just watch out for some inconsistencies.

  canard 13:15 20 Sep 2004

Supposed to be safer than IE and it's easy to use. The new beta version works a treat on Win98SE. But don't get rid of IE because MS site and a few others won't work without it.

  BJN 14:31 20 Sep 2004

been using Firefox for awhile now, alot faster than IE and more user friendly. To get around the web sites that do not work you can download a plugin to Firefox from it's main web page to have the option to view a web page as it would using IE.

  NT Server 15:08 20 Sep 2004

Again like the other comments much faster than IE. Some web sites don`t load correctly, but that is the web sites fault. Lots of extra options on their web site which are all free!!!

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