Opinions on Dell Inspiron 6400

  exetergirl 21:31 07 Feb 2008

Hi all
Would really like to know what you think of this laptop deal on sterlingxs. It seems good to me: I'm looking at the top one at £399

click here

Thank you!

  silverous 21:54 07 Feb 2008

Had a quick look at dell outlet and seems to beat that, and with 3 year warranty.

My only reservation would be dealing with sterlingxs - not because I have heard anything bad about them but because I have never heard of them.

If you do, buy on a credit card so you get some protection there.

My usual "value" laptop recommendation would be Acer, but with a 3 year warranty I think I'd struggle to match that spec and price with Acer.

  lisa02 21:55 07 Feb 2008

It's a reconditioned model but looks good along with a 3yr warranty. I've never heard of the seller though. I still recommend that HP on your other thread...

  lisa02 21:56 07 Feb 2008

click here for anyone who wants to view the other thread.

  citadel 22:00 07 Feb 2008

you can get a sony with 2g memory + 160 hdrive for 398 at tesco direct.

  exetergirl 22:52 07 Feb 2008

Thanks guys. I think the HP may be the way ahead, although I do like the idea of the 3 year warranty with the Dell. There are a few bad stories on here about HP customer service, however I guess that goes for all big companies, and is surely a minority. Having said that, I am loathe to go for an Acer because I have had a lot of problems with mine (which is the reason I need a new laptop). Similarly I bought it from Tesco who were not too helpful, so would prefer a different seller this time. Lisa02 I'm sure you are right; I'm just being indecisive and really value all your opinions! Thanks again everyone.

  lisa02 22:55 07 Feb 2008

"There are a few bad stories on here about HP customer service"

They are world number ONE, a few bad stories compared to millions and millions of sales.

  silverous 22:57 07 Feb 2008

I have this thing about non-Intel processors, crazy I know since I'm typing this on an AMD processor based machine.

The HP looks a bit of a brick and has 1 year warranty as opposed to 3 with Dell. That said, I hadn't spotted the reconditioned aspect of the Dell.... depends - if you spend the next 3 years sending the Dell back it won't make you feel good having a warranty on it.

On balance I'd probably be tempted to go with Lisa's recommendation of the HP.

  exetergirl 23:03 07 Feb 2008

Yes lisa02 you are right; I think only bad experiences tend to be discussed, rather than good ones.

  silverous 23:13 07 Feb 2008

All manufacturers have problems with machines from time to time, I wouldn't perhaps buy an Acer from tesco but an Acer with a 3 year warranty would be fine and could be had for a bit more than your budget.

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