Opinions of Crucial welcomed

  Slithe 12:37 01 Jan 2006

Hi guys,

Happy new year to all and thanks for the help and support during the past year - you've taught me a lot!

Anyway, this Christmas I've been able to do some cheap upgrades to my PC and now I am looking at upping the RAM for my Toshiba Laptop.

Basically, I've looked at Crucial and I can get 2x512MB modules for around £80 including special delivery via Royal Mail.

What I would like to know, if possible:
a) is Crucial a good company to use?
b) Are their delivery times accurate and speedy?
c) Are they good with refunds and a decent secure site to order from?

Many thanks, upping the RAM to 1GB on the Tosh would make a huge difference - I've seen Crucial recommended before, but never used them and although I do shop online, at this time of year I am wary to start using new companies without recommendations.


  SG Atlantis® 12:40 01 Jan 2006

I haven't used them personally,

but I hear nothing but good reviews and comments about them.

  Forum Editor 12:41 01 Jan 2006

with posts in praise of Crucial. They are without any doubt one of the best online retailers in the world.

  spuds 13:00 01 Jan 2006

If you do a PCA search, then you will find more praise than insults about Crucial. You may pay extra, but for that you get first class service, in terms of product, delivery [usually early next day] and perfect friendly customer service.Refunds or replacements seem to be no bother 1st class service, for the very few people who have had any problems. What more can you ask for!.

  961 13:39 01 Jan 2006

a) the best
b) always next day if you order before 2/3pm because they use special delivery
c) the best. Refunds/replacements without quibble

  PaulB2005 13:46 01 Jan 2006

Excellent memory - esp the Ballistix RAM.

Excellent delivery - order Monday afternoon, arrives Tuesday 8:30 am

Excellent Returns service

Never had a problem / faulty memory / incorrect memory.

Definately highly recommended...

  Terrycot 13:47 01 Jan 2006

Would not buy memory from any other supplier

  LastChip 14:05 01 Jan 2006

Buy with confidence. They are the best memory on-line retailers, bar none.

I use them exclusively and wont buy memory from anywhere else.

  AndySD 14:29 01 Jan 2006

I will go with LastChip here.

I have brought a lot of RAM over the years and virtually all from Crucial. I stick failed after 11 months and I posted it back on Wednesday recieved the replacement on Saterday....blinding service.

  Stuartli 14:38 01 Jan 2006

When the blueprint was devised for a Rolls Royce of online computer products retailers in terms of products, quality, service and after sales care, Crucial emerged as matching it in every single detail...:-)

  jakimo 14:39 01 Jan 2006

for products,reliabily & delivery

make sure you order from the, co.uk address and not the .com

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