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  setecio 20:21 04 Jan 2008

This Europe wide satellite broadband system seems to be very good value compared to the usual salellite prices. For people who are too far from an exchange to get adsl, it seems to be good value.

click here

For an up to 1Mbps, 24 month package the cost appears to be
£19.90 a month

£99.00 for skydsl box

£38.60 shipment charge

Then you can either install it all yourself or get a dish installer in to fix it to the wall/roof (~£100 ?).

With reasonable DIY skills, how hard would that be ?

Am I missing something or is this a great value satellite package for those who can't get ordinary adsl ? Is there a catch ?

Has anyone heard of this company ?

  ton 22:11 04 Jan 2008

"For an up to 1Mbps" - not really much faster than a dialup connection.

A lot of money to lay out for a slow connection.

I would rather just use a dialup connection, that is, if this is available to you.

  setecio 08:39 05 Jan 2008


Dial up is about 40kbps

1Mbps is 1,000 kbps

Even if you only get less than half of that, it is ten times the speed of dial up !

Why a second ISP? The service this company offers includes that otherwise it wouldn't work. It has to be done by the same company s what you request via the phone uplink gets blasted down to you from the satellite. You can't have two different companies doing it !

  Forum Editor 08:58 05 Jan 2008

(apart from the fact that all upstream traffic has to go via a landline to a central upload location) is the same weak link as in any internet access system........bandwidth. Any company which offers satellite access will have a limited bandwidth - unless it owns the satellite - and that's where problems can occur.

Nevertheless, cheap satellite broadband is better than no broadband, even if there are bandwidth and upload factors applying.

The upload link - usually referred to as the back channel - does NOT necessarily have to come from the same supplier as the satellite link by the way; you can use an existing dial-up connection.

  setecio 11:50 05 Jan 2008

click here

looks good until you read click here

then click here looks good

but with all these click here

It seems to be a lucky dip.

  Nant 15:18 05 Jan 2008

I have been using skyDSL for almost 2 years with Plusnet as my dial-up. The package I use is not listed now but is up to 2M. 500MB/month then 1.5p/MB.
Once set up it works brilliantly almost always connects 1st time and is usually vg. speed wise.

Satellite is at 33 degrees east so a clear view in this direction is needed but setting up my dish was no harder than setting up satellite TV. The software caused me problems initially but Norton AV. was the culprit, I was having to start the proxy software manually until I got shot of NAV. I now use Avast works fine. Firewall set up can be tricky but ver. 8 of the proxy software will set up windows firewall for you if you wish. I pay £9.90/month, very satisfied!

  Forum Editor 15:25 05 Jan 2008

As a matter of interest, how much do you pay on top of that for your dial-up connection?

  Nant 16:02 05 Jan 2008

My Plusnet dial-up is an 0808 number and costs £9.99/month for a guaranteed 10hrs/week. This has been replaced I believe by 160hrs/month at £14.99 in the newer Plusnet tarrif. I still use Plusnet email.

My phone line here in Wales is 11.4Km. long so fixed line broadband is out of the question and skyDSL is a lifesaver.

  setecio 22:47 05 Jan 2008

Sorry X7-250, I was wrong.

Micronet Getbroadbandanywhere seem a better option than skydsl purely for the uncertaintainty I feel about a guaranteed service, since they offer a monthly contract. Should it not work, and their support not help, the contract can be ended fairly quickly (I'll have to examine the small print to confirm)

The house (not mine) is about 7 to 8 km from the exchange and I'm wondering if slow broadband might now be possible, or if , when BT C21 comes in, if that will increase the reach.

  Nant 09:40 06 Jan 2008

A few points to consider, gaming is not possible on satellite due to latency. The BBC, for copyright reasons won't let you download their programmes, they think you are in Germany.

My contract term with skyDSL is only 6 months, I would be wary about a 2 year term as the European satellite market is changing. A new "affordable"? 2 way satellite has started but not yet in the UK. Try Googling "TooWay Satellite". It uses 33 degrees east satellite also and is based in Italy I believe. I am always wary of new ventures but will watch with interest.

  ronalddonald 20:15 22 Feb 2008

try 3 mobile broadband have look on their website and check it out

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