Opinions On Acer 8920G

  Sibbo 17:33 31 May 2008

Does anybody have any hands-on experience of the above Laptop? I need to replace my old Laptop, and I want one that will do everything (including games). I saw this one from afar in a local shop, and the movie looked fantastic. Only thing is, I HAVE to purchase the Laptop from Amazon. All comments welcome. Thanks

  MrCutter 18:10 31 May 2008

And why Amazon, you could get it cheaper else where.

  MrCutter 18:10 31 May 2008

And why Amazon, you could get it cheaper else where.

  Sibbo 18:16 31 May 2008

I have Amazon Vouchers to use.

  GaT7 00:55 01 Jun 2008

Some reviews/previews click here & click here.

Appears to be a few variations of the 8920G - click here, click here, click here. Which one are you going for?

Some info on the graphics cards present in the above click here & click here. G

  Sibbo 01:08 01 Jun 2008

I was thinking of the last one of those (£1399-99p). The graphics cards don't look up to much though, or do I have that wrong?

  Why wont it work 12:09 01 Jun 2008

The graphics card (9650m) isn't too hot compared to desktop variants but for a laptop it isn't too bad. I should imagine it would struggle playing at the native resolution of the screen however. Unfortunately though the only other choices are rather expensive laptops containing an nvidia 8800m series card, or I think the Mobility Radeon 3800 series is beginning to appear too.

Basically the card will be fine for everyday and multimedia use, but only mediocre for games.

  Sibbo 12:16 01 Jun 2008

I would be open to suggestions of other Laptops. (Thanks for the comments so far).

  sean-278262 14:47 01 Jun 2008

What is your budget?

Have you considered seeing if you can swap the Amazon vouchers for cash on the likes of click here

Would you consider a desktop for gaming and maybe one of the many new ultra portables on the market for only a few hundred pounds.

  Sibbo 14:58 01 Jun 2008

I could go up to £1900-£2000 if need be, but would rather not if possible. I already have a desktop PC, but would like a Laptop in case of breakdown/service etc.

  GaT7 15:06 01 Jun 2008

Why not go for another desktop as a backup system then? Much cheaper, & usually much more powerful for similar money. G

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