Opera is spyware!

  TOPCAT® 12:21 21 Apr 2003

Dodgy goings on backstage according to this article. Have we an Opera user who can confirm these claims?

The version described is Opera 7.03 US. TC.

click here

  rct 12:32 21 Apr 2003

Yet another reason to click here and get Mozilla 1.3 :-D

  Forum Editor 12:35 21 Apr 2003

and reach for their briefcases perhaps I should point out that the link posted by TC is to an external source of information, and that the article represents one person's view.

It doesn't necessarily reflect the view of PCA, and Opera users are advised to make up their own minds when it comes to assessing the information.

  Offline 12:44 21 Apr 2003

This should be interesting.

  spikeychris 15:26 21 Apr 2003

If Opera is linking to a PGP dll to access a private keyring then theres some real issues here..


  powerless 16:00 21 Apr 2003

What's a PGP?

  spikeychris 16:20 21 Apr 2003

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), is a
high security cryptographic software application used when sending email etc to someone.


  powerless 16:25 21 Apr 2003

I think i see the problem now.

  NICK ADSL UK 16:34 21 Apr 2003

Having red the article By Andrew Busigin: I personally can find no justification for slating opera I have used it for 3 years with no problem I use the finest spy ware available plus zone alarm pro and there is nothing I can detect with opera

  spikeychris 18:13 21 Apr 2003

I have never used Opera and I've no intention on ever doing so. The reason why, I'm happy with IE. I have used AOL and was happy with it but was not naive enough to believe they don't *know all about me*.

The link posted by TC is the first I have seen, there has been millions of anti AOL comments made on the Internet and to steer away from Opera with such a link will not detract from the implications..


  Tenner 18:18 21 Apr 2003

The link ? or the confirmation/contents of the said link ?

The problem in a forum is that most 'evidence' is anecdotal even tho posted with the best of intentions. All I can add is that we've had to replace a set at the office, because when we tried to uninstall the US isp, the tangle we got into was horrendous and we scrapped the machine ( it was an old one ) and started again, needless to say, with a different isp.


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