season8 18:42 01 Dec 2006

Just started to use it to evaluate it for work. I like what i see so far and the fact it's open source more so. What do others think of it that use it, any pit falls i should watch out for??

  terryf 19:17 01 Dec 2006

Remember to set it up to save as doc so that you can exchange/send files to office users

  vinnyT 12:36 02 Dec 2006

I've used it for a few months, as a home user I find that it does everything I require.

The only prob I have had was when someone gave me a file to work on with macros, OOo doesn't like all macros created in excel (something to do with VBS I think?), other than this its been fine.

  wiz-king 15:51 03 Dec 2006

I have put Open Office in several PCs at work and none of the users have complained, they are all fairly competent at Word and Excel and would moan if it was too hard to use. I would have no hesitation using it for home use but, I have not used all the various other bits of the suite.

  Belatucadrus 00:13 04 Dec 2006

I've been using OpenOffice and StarOffice the commercial version for some years now and familiarity means I now prefer it to the alternatives, be it Office, Works or Smartsuite. I've even started to play around with Base to see if I can get to the point where I can replicate what I can do with Access. The presentation software is really easy to use and may even be better than Microsoft's offering.
The only thing I miss is the grammar check, as punctuation isn't my strong point.

  Z1100 00:56 04 Dec 2006

because it would not read all the .doc files I have already. I lost too much formatting that it would have been costly to convert.


  wherty 14:38 04 Dec 2006

I too have recently started to use Openoffice.First impressions are that it compares very well with Office. However a few days ago I printed address labels for Christnas cards using Office (only because that is what I used before). I then thought I would see how easy it was to do in Openoffice.After spending an hour or so on it I gave in. I could print a page of labels all with the same address but not individual ones from a database!I am sure it is possible and I am doing something wrong. Again overall a good product.

  Belatucadrus 12:55 10 Dec 2006

click here may also be of interest, especially as the 2.0 Lessons pack can be downloaded and installed on the PCs to give guidence to any OO2 newbies.

  Coff 13:57 10 Dec 2006

Just for information, you can get StarOffice 7 for free from click here

From the page :

Note, ignore the ‘time limited demo’ reference on this page. You’ll need to get your serial code from ww

It's not the latest version of StarOffice and I've no idea whether or not it's worth using instead of, or in addition to, OpenOffice but I thought I'd just post the link. I'm still using Word95!

  Belatucadrus 14:39 10 Dec 2006

Star and OpenOffice are inextricably intertwined, the main difference being the license terms. Being open source, business users can have as many copies of OpenOffice as they like, Star on the other hand needs paying for. I'm not sure what the terms are on the avanquest offer, but it's unlikely to be unlimited freebies for business use.

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