ONSPEED No Longer Works With Windows Update

  dekles 12:34 09 Jun 2008

I have used the OnSpeed internet acceleration service for a number of years now, and everything has worked reasonably well, although not every download, or other access, was accelerated by the system.

Now, all of a sudden, I find that, if OnSpeed is running, the Windows Automatic Updating System no longer functions.

Contacting OnSpeed resulted in a statement from one of their 'Live' operators saying that OnSpeed no longer worked with the latest updates of Windows Automatic, and that I should disable OnSpeed if I wanted to use the update system.

This is pathetic, to say the least - Automatic Updates have been arranged to improve security with the least inconvenience to users, and for a major service provider to admit that their service no longer allows this basic, automatic updating system to work is nothing short of ridiculous.

I have paid to use the OnSpeed service until August 2010, and when I asked for a refund since the service no longer provides acceptable functionality, the answer was, tough luck, I can only get a refund if I contact them within 14 days of purchase.

It is not my fault that their service cannot keep up with other developments. The undernoted is a direct copy of the email answer from OnSpeed:

Quote from OnSpeed:-"Yes, you won't be able to update windows with onspeed active, also would like to inform you that ONSPEED is an Internet acceleration software that speeds up web browsing and emails. It won't accelerate windows updates."

ALL BUYERS BEWARE - Do Not Buy OnSpeed unless you are prepared to run your computer without using Windows Automatic Updating!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:24 09 Jun 2008

Most of the Windows updates are not critical (many are for networks) and missing out on a few will not leave you open to teh Hakerz. You can do a manual update once a week if you want...it takes little time. Just use a good, free AV such as AVG/Avast and any old antispy programme (free of course...Superantispyware or Spybot) and you will be more than safe.
There is a huge amount of hype and paranoia about the 'evils' on the Internet and the legions of nasty people trying to steal your info....much of this is advertising speak. Use some common sense and you will be protected against all or imagined 'attacks' and check occasionally with MS..it is sometimes better to leave updates until many have tried them, so that you avoid any problems *cough* SP3 *cough*

The efficacy of Onspeed is, ate best, dubious and a quick search on this site will show the debates.


  dekles 18:49 10 Jun 2008

Yes, Gandalf, I am well aware that it is possible to do manual Windows updates - the point is - it should not be necessary -professionally marketed software like OnSpeed should not need to be disabled simply to let another software system run - in fact, there is a setting built-in to OnSpeed to allow you to bypass OnSpeed for a specific website, but this does not work either. Entering the Windows Update URL makes no difference - The updating software will only run if OnSpeed is disabled - this simply should not happen.

  dekles 18:03 12 Jun 2008

It is regrettable that no-one can make a sensible response to a question.

Patronising idiots, like 'Gandalf', who seem to think that everyone else is stupid, and that they are the only ones who know how to work a computer, should not be responding to questions in these forums.

The idea of the forums is to provide advice to people who need it - not to treat subscribers as imbeciles!

It may be of interest to some subscribers - those who at least have some intelligence and want assistance, that I have, at long last, received an email from OnSpeed to say they are working to resolve the problem.

Time will tell!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:26 12 Jun 2008

'Patronising idiots, like 'Gandalf', who seem to think that everyone else is stupid'...I sense that you have had a bad day. Nothing in my writing was patronising, just a clear explanation of the situation and it's hierarchy of importance.
I tried to explain it as simply as possible but obviously not simply enough for you.


  dekles 18:57 12 Jun 2008

It is quite clear that 'Gandalf' still cannot see the point being made!!

He, or She, does not seem to appreciate the point that a product should not require to be disabled in order to allow other software products to run, whether or not the other software is essential!

No-one needs a lesson in how to use a computer from such people - all that is required is a recognition of the fact that, if you purchase a software product, it should be capable of doing what it is supposed to do - it should NOT have to be DISABLED in order for other software to run.

I feel sorry for people like 'Gandalf' who seem to think that this is OK. His, or her hierarchy of importance is irrelevant - purchased software SHOULD NOT REQUIRE TO BE DISABLED.

Can anyone, including 'Gandalf', give me an example of any other commercially available software product which needs to be disabled before other software can be run?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:07 12 Jun 2008

I've lost the will to live.


  dekles 19:15 12 Jun 2008

Don't worry, my friend, I will send some flowers.

Maybe OnSpeed will allow you to communicate with us mere mortals from 'Beyond".

You never know, it might work better in the 'hereafter'


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