Online Will.

  rdave13 20:36 01 Apr 2006

Has anyone made a will online? What are the pros and cons of making one instead of going to the local solicitor?

  spuds 20:59 01 Apr 2006

If its anything like the once 'everyone must have' do-it-yourself packs from most stationary places, then somethings bound to get missed out.Many people found this out to their error in later life.Personally I prefer the face to face contact, either the local solicitor or perhaps one of the recommended new breed of will writers.

  rdave13 21:05 01 Apr 2006

Thanks for your reply. My thoughts are on the same lines as yours but just wondering if things have improved.

  wiz-king 07:17 02 Apr 2006

Unless you have a very small estate I would suggest gong to a professional. - would you set up up your own bank?

By all means get a form from the web and use it to practise on, it will help you have the answers you need when you got to the first meeting.
Don't expect to get it done first time either, it will need fine tuning at least once then reviewing every few years as things change.

Just think of the money that you could be stopping the Government from having at your expense and all the bother will seem worthwhile.

  Diemmess 09:42 02 Apr 2006

It is a solicitor's cliche that more fees are gained sorting invalid or poorly constructed Wills, than by writing good ones in the first place.

  keewaa 10:09 02 Apr 2006

If you're splitting your estate reasonably equally between several people, can you just include a line in the will ...

"If I have forgotten to allocate anything in this will, then it is to be divided equally between ????? ....."

or similar (if appropriate)

  jakimo 10:37 02 Apr 2006

best to use a professional to ensure the contents can`t be contested or mis-interpreted

  spuds 10:55 02 Apr 2006

keewaa--That's the problem with wills. The slightest word change can mean a vast difference in the legal world, and many people have found this out in later life, when they have used the diy kits.

  freaky 11:06 02 Apr 2006

Solicitors and the Inland Revenue do exceedingly well out of people who create DIY Wills - which in fact create more problems than they solve.

I would visit a Solicitor, a simple Mirror Will should not cost more than £75 to write. More complicated estates would obviously cost more.

Telephone a number of Solicitors and compare prices.

  anchor 11:42 02 Apr 2006

I made a very simple will leaving everything to my wife.

I had it checked over by the professor who teaches "Wills & Trusts", at the faculty of Law, in the University where I do some part time work. He gave it the OK.

Complicated legalese is not needed, just no ambiguity.

  rdave13 15:26 02 Apr 2006

Many thanks to all for your replies. Solicitor it is then.

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