an online tv guide with Video+ numbers?

  lisa02 19:24 17 Dec 2006

pretty please

  lisa02 19:25 17 Dec 2006

I thought I was in Digital World.


  Al94 21:06 17 Dec 2006

That is so "yesterday technology" lol. Invest in SkyPlus or a Freeview receiver with hard drive - so simple to record, just highlight the prog on the epg and voila!

  Woolwell 22:23 17 Dec 2006

Al94 - I think that your comment is a bit unkind.

Lisa02 - I don't use VideoPlus but the if you use the Radio Times site
click here
Then click on a programme and the videoplus numbers are there.

  lisa02 09:18 18 Dec 2006

Actually I have an DVD recorder with 160gb hard disk. Hardly old technology I think.

Sky plus, erm I already have a sky subscription and don't want to pay more until I get an HDready Telly in the new year. Freeview? what's the point when I have Sky.

Woolwell thanks but when you click the sky channels from there it directs you to sky. com and they don't have the numbers. I'll look in the newsagents today.

  Al94 09:34 18 Dec 2006

Sky do not transmit any video plus information on digital so no VCR can control a digibox from video plus codes. All the video plus codes listed in magazines/news papers are for the analogue service only.

  lisa02 09:48 18 Dec 2006

oh that explains the difficulty then. Doh.
That's a rather useless feature to have.

  Stuartli 11:44 18 Dec 2006

Goodmans, for a start, do at least two DVD recorders with Video+ (the GDVD300R and 301R):

click here

DigiGuide has a VideoPlus plug-in:

click here

It's not a "rather useless feature to have" as you state - VideoPlus has been around for quite some time and made it much easier for many people to programme a VCR.

  lisa02 19:23 18 Dec 2006

Stuartli I bought click here to use with my sky box about 2 weeks ago.

Sky don't do videoplus (of which I didn't know) so infact, in relation to me, personally it is a useless feature.

Though the dvdhdd recorder is an excellent machine, I'm well pleased with it otherwise.

  Stuartli 19:45 18 Dec 2006

Surely you can emulate what is required to record from my ON/ITVDigital box to VCR i.e. set the Freeview timer and the DVD recorder to both operate at the same start and finish times, substituting Skybox for Freeview in your case?

  lisa02 19:50 18 Dec 2006

Yes I can but I was just playing with the new toy and wanted to try the video plus thing out. I didn't know that sky don't support videoplus until AL94 kindly responded with the info about Sky.

I can set the sky box to Autoview and set the dvd recorder to a particular time slot. There an edit option in which I assume I can cut excess video that's been recorded.

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