online road tax

  User-994545 19:17 13 May 2008

i just tried the online road tax renewal,and 4 a government department,it worked very well,i had insurance,mot at hand, and didnt need any of them

  Peter J 19:41 13 May 2008

I have used the road tax online for a number of years, and it is very good.. saves queuing for ages at a Post Office, if one is still open. Online checking of the MOT database and the Insurance Database, and it all seems to happen quickly.

  jack 19:51 13 May 2008

Especially the removal of the beer tokens from the account ;-{

  peter99co 20:02 13 May 2008

Mine had everything except it did not seem to know my National insurance number and I had to revert to phone and I said have I been stolen? The operator checked and said I did indeed exist and all was ok.

  spuds 20:36 13 May 2008

The DVLA keep suggesting that I use the on-line service, but if I did that, the local cheerful and friendly post office workers would be out of a job eventually.

  karmgord 22:28 13 May 2008

REMEMBER it it STILL an OFFENCE to drive a motor vehicle without DISPLAYING a valid tax disc,altough the Police use the DVLA data base to check the car, Civil Enforcement officers (formerly parking attendants)don't so can and will report you for the aforemensioned offence,often supported by photographic evidence of the missing tax disc which should only be displayed in the bottom n\s windscreen, stupid I know ,but true so be warned!

  laurie53 22:44 13 May 2008

You can also do SORN on line.

  BT 08:03 14 May 2008

According to my renewal notice I can't apply for my tax before the 15th of the month before the tax disc is due to start, i.e. Tomorrow. ??

I used the online last year and it was fine.


Why did you need your National Insurance number?

  ened 08:30 14 May 2008

On karmgord's point.

If you renew your tax on line and the disc gets lost in the post (as has been reported on numerous occasions) you are not allowed to drive the vehicle until a replacement arrives, which means you could lose out big time.

I'll stick to the small queues at my local Post Office!

  spuds 09:45 14 May 2008

I do not know if the rule about displaying road tax discs as changed over the past few years (doesn't seem to mention it on my previous/present 2007/08 tax disc). But if I recall correctly, there was never a given exact location or position for display previously. It was only when council supported traffic attendants came into force, that the problem of display arose.

The same supposed regulation also seemingly applied to the 'correct' display of blue badges for disabled people. Tickets or fines were being issued for 'incorrect display' on the slightest whim, depending on the Traffic Attendants interpretation or training. In theory and possible practise, this could have implied that it was another method of revenue gathering, instead of using logic and in parts common sense.

Going a little further regarding action by the authorities, especially the role of police forces and the DVLA. They (including certain authorised sub-contractors)now have the powers to confiscated and remove a vehicle from a public road, and in certain cases have the vehicle destroyed. In the 'old' days, any court case undertaken by the DVLA was via the crown court, but on most occasions the offender or owner of the vehicle was let off very lightly, at great public expense. Hence many court cases never materialised, and the quick route of today by removal is far easier and more sound in practice.

  HondaMan 10:58 14 May 2008

It has always been the case that you tax disc should be shown on the passenger side of the vehicle. See direct gove site click here

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