Online hard disk storage

  yahwob 11:21 14 Feb 2007


Can anyone recommend a decent online storage place.

Just had to reformat my hard drive for the umpteenth time over the last 3 years and lost some folders of stuff as usual.

I don't need anything to fancy, up to 2 gigs of space should be easily enough.

Many thanks

  terryf 11:39 14 Feb 2007

I personally prefer to keep my stuff under my own control with ext usb hd, this morning my internet connection went down for an hour, how would I have accessed my backed up data if stored on line?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:39 14 Feb 2007

You can buy a 2Gb memory stick for around £12. Much better and quicker.


  bennyhillslovechild 11:47 14 Feb 2007

If you insist upon online storage xDrive offers up to 5Gb of storage. This used to be a paid for service but is now free.
click here

I would agree with Gandalf though that a USB key is more useful, and faster at reading/writing data.

  Mike D 15:06 14 Feb 2007

Another consideration for me would be the tme taken to upload my data. Unless paying for Broadbands with a good upload speed, you could be online for hours just uploading a quite modest amaount of data. Get a Usb stick or and external HDD.


  Belatucadrus 16:25 14 Feb 2007

click here another option, Mozy offer 2GB free for home users.

  Dizzy Bob 16:28 14 Feb 2007

Try here, with free 2 month trial,

click here


  silverous 13:49 19 Feb 2007

"You can buy a 2Gb memory stick for around £12. Much better and quicker."

Not if you leave it plugged into your machine as I suspect most people will. You can't beat online backup for giving you disaster recovery capability - if your house burns down your data is safe :)

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