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  john_here 08:36 09 Jun 2004

I have recently been filling in some online forms, the first one was for a lloyds credit card, i had filled in nearly all the questions when i realised it wasnt as good a deal as i thought it was so i clicked off the window without sending the data to them. Two days later i recieved a letter from the bank rejecting me for the card. Then last night while on the Dabs website i was looking into getting a notepad and went through their finance questions to see if i was suitable and i decided in the end it was cheaper to pay on my card so i clicked off it without sending the data. a minute later i had an email through saying i have been accepted and it had been set up. are companies aloud to obtain and use these details without me actually sending them. i thought it was against the data protection act, is this true or can they do what they like as soon as i type something on their site

  spuds 11:07 09 Jun 2004

You did send details, otherwise they would not have been able to send you a reply.

I always suggest that doing any type of transaction via the internet, a print-out is always essential evidence as to what as occured.

  john_here 08:27 10 Jun 2004

but i didnt click on the submit button, shouldnt they have to wait until i have actually submitted the information

  spuds 10:19 10 Jun 2004

Strange one this...Normally filling in these type of forms, usually works on a stage by stage basis. Name, address, email address,telephone number etc. Each stage 'once submitted' usually brings up the next details stage, and so forth. Once the first stage as gone through, then they usually have your contact details,for the company concerned, to make contact with you.Whether this is by email or letter, would depend on the company involved.

Don't forget, when you make these initial enquiry contacts via the internet, then you may find a cookie as been transfered to your computer. Best to run something like Adaware,SpyBot and Spyware Blaster afterwards,to see if anything as been left behind.

If you are really concerned as to the details these companies may have and hold about you. Then write to the company's data controller, and ask for an explaination.

If I am wrong about the above, then perhaps someone may have a better answer.

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