Onetel email delays

  Keyhole 23:22 23 Aug 2007

Does anyone know why emails to my Onetel email address are arriving two or three days late, if at all? Their technical support people, far, far, away (not half as good as when they were up in Scotland), keep fobbing me off with the excuse that is a problem they are tryig to resolve, but they've been saying that for more than two weeks now....

  amonra 13:26 25 Aug 2007

Just noticed your post, I'm having the same problem, as well as one of my friends.
System status shows green ! Ha Ha ha.

  AYJAY 13:17 26 Aug 2007

I, too, have been experiencing similar problems with Onetel email. I find I can't even log in to my account.

  cliffox 12:59 28 Aug 2007

I have also been having the same 2-3 day delay in my email which is a nightmare. I could send a 2nd class letter quicker.
I have emailed their support people but... hey they probably won't get it for 3 days and then I'll get the reply 3 days later! arghhh!!!

  glo 15:37 28 Aug 2007

I spoke to a Onetel customer service person today and he said that the situation would not be resolved until the end of September! The least they could do is explain what the problem is. I also get spam that is not even addressed to me, anyone else suffer this too?

  sidickinson 18:09 28 Aug 2007

for 3 weeks i've had delayed email, so if i lose a password it takes 3 days to retrieve it, even if does turn up. Just had to register so i could post this moan, could'nt use my email address cos well you know why, i had to set up another with yahoo. I use my email address for business use, i'm losing business co of them, Quotes are taking forever to get to me!

  jdover 10:02 29 Aug 2007

According to the Onetel call centre yesterday it has been suffering a DoS attack with incoming and outgoing emails that won't be resolved until end September which leaves me speechless as well as email-less.

  cbh 14:52 29 Aug 2007

I am suffering all the inconveniences listed by previous correspondents. Onetel apparently, and inexplicably, did not foresee the problems they (and more importantly we, their customers) are now experiencing and we must wait until the end of September before they are resolved. This is just the latest (but by far the worst) in a series of problems Onetel have inflicted on their long-suffering customers. I have had broadband, landline, line rental and mobile services through Onetel for several years. More fool me! But I shall be leaving them very soon. The call centre staff script tells them to end calls with the salutation "Have a great day". Nothing could be less appropriate at the end of this litany of complacent incompetence.

  Teddington toad 15:14 31 Aug 2007

Glad I am not the only one with onetel mail problems, now waiting for up to 4 days for mail delivery. (Second class is quicker).
I now know that some of my inbound mail is being bounced as well, which makes the address just about un-useable.
I am only sticking with them for the moment as I have an easy address and it such a bother to change, however if it going to be a month I will have to think about moving on.

  onetelhater 12:05 02 Sep 2007

The last 9 months with onetel have been a nightmare. Regular e-mail problems, culminating in this recent debacle. The recorded message on their service update line apologises profusely and states they hope to have the problem fixed in 7 days. The call centre staff in India are telling customers it will not be resolved until the end of September. Take your pick!!

I have been with onetel for several years. For most of that time, it was really good. Problems began last December. I personally feel that the decline started when onetel was acquired by Carphone Warehouse. I have tried to contact the CEO of Carphone Warehouse, Charles Dunstone, on numerous occasions by email, phone and recorded delivery mail. My complaint always ends up with the "Managing Director's Team" (strangely enough, in India). They are always very pleasant and on one occasion, I even managed to get a £10 credit put on my account after loss of e-mail service for 5 days.

Could anybody give me some advice on how to go about changing ISP? I fear it will be difficult and do not know how to go about it. Technically I am under contract with onetel until January (the 12 month anniversary of when I upgraded to a faster broadband speed). In light of their failure to provide an acceptable service, can I get away from them before the 12 month contractual period ends?

Finally, if I can extricate myself from onetel, who should I go to? My requirements are fairly simple. 1Mb broadband (the fastest my BT line can cope with) and 4 email addresses (one for each member of my family). I would prefer an ISP with a UK based call centre but suspect this may be asking too much!!

Any help out there will be appreciated.

  bobal 14:42 04 Sep 2007

onetelhater has posted exactly the question I want to know. I've been getting gradually more annoyed with onetel over the last 6 months or so and have written/phoned a number of times about how often the system is down. This latest debacle with the e-mails and then the fact that I was without any broadband connection from Friday to Monday is the final nail in the coffin. I currently get my Broadband and phone calls from Onetel but have decided enough's enough and I'm trying to find a good ISP provider also.

I agree that this seems to have happened since Talk Talk took over, what a pity they don't spend more on their equipment and less on their TV adverts!

Anyone out there can recommend a good alternative?

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