One handed gamers!

  KWAI 21:22 28 Apr 2003

On Saturday I had a bike accident which involved me breaking my right collar bone. When I got home facing at least a week off school I looked for any of my Ps2 games that i could play with my right arm out of action. I had none so looked and found The Sims for PS2 and bought it and i can use it fine but slowly. All im saying is that the game developers should start looking too find ways to help disabled gamers play some games. Try tieing your main arm behind your back and try your faveourite games and you'll see what im on about.

  Worf100 23:39 28 Apr 2003

Try to buy a 'left handed' cam corder ! You can get headsets that can detect your head movements and convert them to equivalent joystick movements. I feel it is not the game designers but 3rd party hardware developers who need to take this forward, but is the market big enough ? Get well soon (bit of a drastic way to get out of end of term exams !)

  hugh-265156 03:35 29 Apr 2003

a valid point KWAI i have a very good friend that due to a stroke some years ago has been left with only the use of the right side of his body.he is very fond of playing games though and enjoys the likes of who wants to be a millionare and tiger woods golf which he is better at with one hand than i am with two.but platform or action adventure games cause problems for him.i agree to an extent with Worf100 in fact hardware developers have come up with a game glove that can be used one handed but is very unintuative in use and not many games support it.people with disabilities are in the minority and are to my mind viewed as second class citizans by the rest of the world in handed gaming is not lining the industries pockets with cash so will always be an after thought.does make you stop and think though when the things we take for granted are no longer accessable.

  simonp1 07:10 29 Apr 2003

Well their are plenty of games for the PC which only require a mouse or one hand ie sims or cm4. It may be possible with a ps2 but it would require and different control stick. I have been in your situation myself so i know how your feel, i played the football stratagy games to tide me over. If you are needy of some gaming by a couple of games for your pc which only require a mouse.
Get well soon.

  KWAI 12:27 29 Apr 2003

I have plenty of one handed pc games but due to the nature of my injury i can only sit at a pc for 5 minutes before pain sets in. Thanks for all your messages Luke

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