Omiga plus virus - I'm going postal please help

  sarahjacintha 15:18 07 Feb 2015

I downloaded "Malwarebytes" - it quarantined loads of 'PUPs' which is what I've been told 'Omiga plus' basically is, but it didn't work. I deleted the browser shortcuts, which others advised would be such an easy way to get rid of it - it's not for a beginner and it doesn't work anyway. Nothing has worked. I spent ages deleting 'omigaplus' from "all Programs" (I'm still using XP - I know) and Omiga plus is still turning up where 'Google' used to be on all my browsers. I habitually use Firefox, but I've tried them all. I know I shouldn't be using XP by now but I've read reports of this thing infecting the most up to date operating systems / computers.

I know that technically Omiga isn't a virus but it feels like one. My computer is ten times slower since it installed itself on my laptop. How dare they? They know it's difficult to get rid of, and for someone like me who knows nothing about computers it's really debilitating. What should I do next?

Given that this must be affecting 'Google' why aren't they doing something to stamp this out?

  rdave13 17:58 07 Feb 2015

Follow this thorough guide.

  lotvic 17:58 07 Feb 2015

You've done half the removal, I recommend you follow the step-by-step guide on click here there is no cost involved. The malware removal guides and programs used are completely free.

  lotvic 17:59 07 Feb 2015

rdave13, snap :)

  sarahjacintha 23:56 07 Feb 2015

God damn I didn't realise I had to do all of it! I thought one method would work.

I'd done some reading between posting my original question and was advised that registry key cleaning programs or PC 'cleaners' can often do more harm than good. I don't know - maybe that's wrong. I've heard of programs like hitman pro before - they seem to have a good name.

So I tried editing the registry keys using Regedit. I'd never done anything like that before but for now it seems to have worked. It was: Run > Regedit > Find ( actually I had to press CTRL + G to bring up the 'Find' search engine), then I put in Isearch.omiga and waited or each mention of 'omiga' to turn up. You delete it and then find the next instance. It takes time but it does seem to have worked. And of-course you have to go into your browser options and make sure there's no mention of it there. What a bloody performance!

Thanks for your replies though, if it pops up again I will use one of the programs mentioned in the guides posted to "clean" things profesionally.

  rdave13 00:27 08 Feb 2015

sarahjacintha , the 'find' options in the registry can work wonders as you've found but can also leave your PC dead in the water. This time it worked but be warned, be vey careful how you edit the registry.

Glad you're sorted never the less.


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