Olympus repairs

  Diemmess 17:08 19 Mar 2007

Olympus as a company making very good cameras has had my vote until.........

1) Zoom mechanism failed to pull all the way to “T” it would set off, then cycle back to “W” It is a C-5050 no longer listed but with a fast and v.g. F1.8 lens

2) Decided that in spite of a repair cost about half the price of a new camera I would have it repaired.

3) Visited website downloaded repair form posted 1st class recorded 6/3/07

4) Received order acknowledgement 12/3/07 (dated 9/3/07)
5) The letter gave a repair ref # and website address, which waited for input from me (repair or return)

6) Immediately on website reading the quote and giving my email authority and asking how do I pay?

7) Daily repetition of order progress. Nothing happening, no reply.

8) By 14/3/07 I was phoning the number on the order form.
9) Telephone Options menu. 1- recorded message on how to send repairs. 2-tech support ready to answer questions about which button to press. 3-repairs but line goes dead!

10) Today..... some lateral thinking...... Phoned Olympus switchboard/reception. Entirely different number!
“Oh yes there is a fault on that line, I can put you through, but you may have to wait”
Not much of a wait, Yes, they were waiting to hear from me! When pushed admitted they wanted my money more than my promises and were able to accept my credit card details. Promised delivery 8 – 10 days.

What a palaver. I’m left with the impression that repairs sent by an individual are almost unknown, while major players probably run a monthly account.

Why go to the bother of appearing to run a repair facility on the web if they neither look nor seem to care what happens afterwards?

  Mike D 17:17 19 Mar 2007

I too had problems with Olympus site. I wanted to register a new camera in order to get my 3 year warranty, but the Model number was not recognised because it was a new model. So I rang them only to be told that my Olympus camera could not possibly be an Olympus because they had never heard of it! I went back to Jessops who told me that they would honour the 3 year warranty and that they were not at all surprised by the Olympus response (apparently the lack of product knowledge is the norm).


  Joe R 17:26 19 Mar 2007


I also had a lot of problems with Olympus.

I bought a new camera online from Jessops, which after about five months or so refused to power up. I tried for almost three weeks to contact Olympus through the telephone number supplied, without success. ( cut off usually as I was reaching the final stage, after about 1 hour ).

I eventually took the camera to a local Jessops store, who sent it to the Olympus repair centre for me, and I eventually got my camera back after six weeks.

Ricoh, I think for my next one.

  jack 17:52 19 Mar 2007

Looks like this outfit is not a part of Olympus as such but a contractor doing Oly work and that they are 'Trade' oriented.
Like every thing in this high-tech world these days its OK so long as you don't break it.
The costs of setting up and running a work shop full of techies means the hour charge rate will in a lot of cases more than the item is worth.
In other areas , but perhaps cameras too of a certain worth, there is no 'spare parts' infrastructure - think of small domestic electricals or in my recent case a £300 recliner/swivel leather chair. When its swivel mechanism broke after only 18 months use there was no repair/spares set up.
I took it too my friendly motor mechanic - where he did a weld job.'

  Diemmess 18:56 19 Mar 2007

Never rains but it pours!
Money has moved a log jam. Two emails after 5.0 pm both saying-

[The repair status for your C-5050 is now: In Workshop Your item has been forwarded to our repair workshop.]

Both bear Olympus London address

  jack 20:05 19 Mar 2007

Glad to hear it DM
Lets hope they do not take too long.
I had a good result from the CoOp re that chair as it could not be repaired they refunded 60% and of cost.

  Diemmess 20:18 19 Mar 2007

Just for fun I'll leave this open until the camera is home again.

The service letter from them had this address

My name = correct.
My house name = DLOSELER (nothing remotely like it! )
My postcode = correct

I know the two most important things were there but - 'tain't over 'till the fat lady ... etc.

  Diemmess 14:41 28 Apr 2007

I phoned Olympus at weekly intervals except for one week when they had said they would have the parts in by April 15th.

Last time I phoned the delay was now to be May 14th!
....Shocked tut-tut from me.

"Just a minute Sir, I wont keep you long."
"My manager says we can exchange your camera for a new SP550 UZ."

In brief I accepted. Before doing so I asked for alternatives to the 550.
There was only one, and that was a weird design nothing like the run of compact cameras.
That was last Tuesday and a completely new camera arrived today (Saturday).

The original 5050 was just out of warranty, and long out of production.
I had paid £105.08 up front, for repair and a six month warranty.

I have received a new camera with full warranty and average RP close to 3 times that of the repair.

So at the end of the "song"

Olympus must the credit for this generous upmarket exchange.

The downside in all this is their virtually abandoned repair tracking, and unresponsive website.
I would still be waiting if I hadn't phoned, filtered through 3 menus, and persisted.

  jack 12:24 29 Apr 2007

I suspect all that has been intimated must have an element of truth
1. Cost of repair is more then the product is worth in many cases - thus service by replacement.
2. The outfit is strictly trade and rely on customer to go to place of purchase in the first instance - as the the seller/buyer is the contract.
Though why they do not say so is another puzzlement.
Epson have an excellent scheme where why with printers anyway.
the 'out of warranty' item is simply swapped out for a nominal ff
In my case R300 printer after 18 months went funny
No argument £45 up front and Amex were there next day on the doorstep with the replacement machine and took the old one away.

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