Olympus MJU 410 alternatives

  Sir Radfordin 19:18 10 Jun 2005

I recently bought an MJU 410 but it came without the battery charger and unfortunatly no replacement is available so have had to opt for the refund.

Olympus have replaced the MJU 410 with the MJU 500 but this camera does not have a viewfinder - something I think is a bad idea.

Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives?

  961 19:29 10 Jun 2005

Hi there

I would always suggest Canon because of the quality of the lens whatever price bracket you are in

I agree that a camera without a viewfinder is a total no-no. However even some of the new Canon digital cameras omit this essential factor

If you can spen half an hour trawling for what you really want then the two sites listed are highly respected

click here

click here

  Sir Radfordin 19:34 10 Jun 2005

Thanks for that - the Canon Ixus 40 had just popped up as an option.

The other one is the Pentax S50 but not sure about the batteries on that. Would prefer to go for rechargable with the camera rather than the fuss of finding alternatives.

  961 19:48 10 Jun 2005

See the Pentax you mention has 2 x AA batteries

Don't really fancy that compared to Li-ion

Additionally I rate the Canon lens at any similar price point although I have always considered Ixus a bit small in the hand

Have you considered Powershot range. There are two styles. S60 for example goes in the pocket like a dream. Other range, e.g. A75 are more sit up and beg and a little larger

Both systems work well

  Sir Radfordin 22:17 10 Jun 2005

Thanks for the comments. The smallness of the Ixus is a good thing for the user concerned! It is a gift for someone who is a "real photography" (hobby level anyway!) and just wants a [good] small point-and-click for the 'handbag'. Think the Ixus will get the vote (S60 bit ££!)

  961 09:08 11 Jun 2005

On that basis the Ixus will be hard to beat

See if you are offered a good price on a large cap. memory card as the size of the ones that come with the camera are a joke. Good haggle point when they won't reduce camera price any more

  Sir Radfordin 09:19 11 Jun 2005

Canon Digital Ixus 40 + Secure Digital memory card 512 Mb + Case for £213 +P&P seems to be about the best price I can find from Pixmania.

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