Old LP's

  Les 22:33 07 Sep 2006

My 80 year old cousin has a LP collection, mostly quite old. What he has asked me is 'Do I know a web site where he can get the individual values of these records' - I don't but do you know of sich a web site?

  Les 22:38 07 Sep 2006

sich? -- such!!

  ade.h 23:33 07 Sep 2006

There's a book called Record Collector, if that's any help at all. It's a really thick tome that lists current values for virtually every 45 and 78 ever released in the UK. Have a look on Amazon.

  ade.h 23:47 07 Sep 2006

This is it click here

  Forum Editor 07:34 08 Sep 2006

dating back (mainly) to the mid 1950's, although LPs have been around for a few years by then.

The fact that there are so many still in existence (I have around 400 of them) tends to mean that values for all but the rarest recordings are not as high as some people imagine.

The early UK-pressed LPs are often much sought-after however, because UK recording engineering meant that sound quality was of a superior standard.

  Les 10:39 08 Sep 2006

to Ade.h and FE for your help. I have passed on this information to him. No doubt he too will be pleased by the quick replies to his plea for help.

  spuds 11:19 08 Sep 2006

I don't know if this little bit of information is relevant. In the city near to where I live, there is a regular every two to three month's CD and Record collector's fair. A friend of mine has a very large collection of old records, and at one of these fairs he managed to get one of the stall holder collectors to pay an home visit, so as to value and possibly purchase the collection.

The collector arrived, duly inspected all the collection, which took the best part of a full morning. Made a cash offer, which my friend accepted instantly, due to him wanting to dispose of them quickly (council tip was beckoning). The collector paid £142 for the lot, and stated that he would arrange collection at a later date.Now this was two years ago, and the collection is still in the attic awaiting collection. The dealer as been contacted on a number of occasions, promised to arrange collection, but still hasn't done so.The collector still occasionally attends the local CD and Record Collector's Fair.

Appears on this occasion, the collector is prepared to write his £142 'investment' off!.

  Belatucadrus 14:20 08 Sep 2006

I recently discovered that a single given to me some years, ago has become a collectors piece worth about £100. I doubt the rest of my collection would be worth that if I sold it en masse.
Moral of this story, check before you chuck.

  Les 00:56 09 Sep 2006

Thanks for your replies - I will pass these on to my cousin.

  €dstowe 08:08 09 Sep 2006

Much of the value of even the rarest record depends on its condition.

A severely scratched recored that has doubled up as a drinks mat sometime during its life will have a value of zilch compared with a record still in its originalcellophane packaging.

  GRFT 08:14 09 Sep 2006

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