Old ISP still charging me

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:22 14 Aug 2004

or rather they are still charging my wife (which is worse!) and she is ANGRY.

I signed up with an ISP called - erm am I allowed to say their name?

Anyway, I signed up with them 11 months ago giving my wife's debit card details for payment.

I then signed up with tiscali about 5 months ago.

On the blurb on the original ISP site they state that to terminate the contract I merely have to refrain from using their services for 30 days. This I have done, multiplied by about 5 months, and yet still they take money from my wife (not even I can do that).

I am frightened to go back to their website for fear of this being deemed as "using their services" but, as I remember, there were no contact details for them.

Anyone know what I can do? I quite like being married.

BTW Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I normally hang around (lurk) in the helproom and thought this would be a better place to post.



  Forum Editor 00:12 15 Aug 2004

based on the assumption that you are correct about this business of not using the service for thirty days, is to get the direct debit stopped at your bank.

Then you need to write to the ISP - if you tell us who it is one of us will possibly be able to provide an address - and tell them. You'll have proof of the fact that you haven't used them for the period stated - your phone bills will do that. Once you've established contact you can set about getting the overpaid amounts refunded.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:37 15 Aug 2004

Thanks for the advice, My wife and I thought we had set up a direct debit with the ISP and she went to her bank to cancel it. However, it seems that they are just transferring funds from her account as a shop would if you hand over your debit card. The bank says as it is not a direct debit and payment is by card, only the ISP can cancel it.

ISP is cymru247.net BTW.



  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:42 15 Aug 2004

Also, should have said:

It was a dialup account where it was unlimited access to the 'net after 6pm and at weekends.

Would this show on a 'phone bill?



  Al94 14:12 15 Aug 2004

Cymru1's Registered office is 7/9 High Street, Porthmadog, Gwynedd LL49 9LR

  spuds 14:20 15 Aug 2004

If you have no satisfaction with the ISP, you could try Ofcom click here or ISPA click here for further advice and assistance.

  Stuartli 15:26 15 Aug 2004

As you are now using Tiscali you can visit their website with impunity - they won't be aware who is actually accessing it.

You can therefore get the details of who to write to, pointing out the circumstances and that you wish to be refunded for the unauthorised withdrawal of five months' payments.

If it stalls, threaten Small Claims Court action - it would cost you £27 to actually put this into motion, but as you seemingly be more than likely to win, you will be able to claim this back along with the payments and any costs incurred.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:39 15 Aug 2004

I will start by writing to the address given by Al94, then spuds and, if I get no joy will follow Stuartli's advise.

Thanks for the advice.


  Forum Editor 23:45 15 Aug 2004

state that:-

"The User may terminate a Contract by discontinuing use of the Services."

This is terribly vague - so vague in fact that I would be pretty concerned about entering into an agreement at all. How could the company possibly detect that someone had used the service for the last time?

The termination of any contract can only be effective when one of the parties to it notifies the other party of his/her intention to terminate. It isn't sufficient merely to do nothing, because then there's no evidence of termination - you might simply have gone on holiday for instance.

My advice remains the same - write to the company an inform them of the date on which you last used the service, and ask that they refund all subsequent payments. I'll be interested to see what their answer is. If the account was for a dialup connection it will certainly show up on your phone bill - you have to make a call to connect to them.

  david4637 14:30 16 Aug 2004

If ISP access is NOT Pay As You Go, then access will probably use an 0808 number and therefore this will not show up on your BT phone bill. If it is 0808 the only way you will know usage is to go to the ISPs usage web page for each user. Obviously you will not want to access this ISP if you want to terminate the account. David

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