old chip in new pc

  Pete34 17:29 06 Jan 2004

I purchased a new PC just before christmas, a Carrera Octan 2800+ AIW, based on a review in PC advisor, it should have an Athlon 2800+ processor with a barton core running at 2.08GHZ but Windows XP reports it as running at 2.25GHZ, I understand this means I have the older 2800+ chip with the thoroughbred core,as i understand it this runs faster and generates more heat to equal the performance of the newer chip, will the older chip have a potentially shorter life than the new version?, should I call Carrera and demand they send out an engineer to fit the chip they should have included in the first place?, are they not contravening some law by supplying me with a system not exactly as advertised?, I would like to know where I stand with this before I contact them so I would appreciate some advice...

  Rayuk 18:56 06 Jan 2004

The reason the Barton runs cooler is that the die is bigger than the Thoroughbred allowing more heat to be extracted,also the Barton core is the better cpu.

Do you have any documentation stating that your pc comes with the Barton cpu if so I would be inclined to get them to come and fit the correct one you have paid for.

  DieSse 00:21 07 Jan 2004

A review in a magazine is not an advertisement - and it may even be the magazine has made an error - it does happen.

What's important is that you get what you contracted to get when you placed your order - not what you thought you might be getting.

So check for any documents that you have that specify in contractural terms what should be in your system - like your order, their order acceptance, your invoice, any reference to one of their advertisements, etc.

Also check with PCA - because none of the mags like systems to be sold that do not conform to what was tested (in fact several of them insist that the manufacturer agrees to supply the tested system for a period after the review.)

When you have marshalled your facts, then you can approach the supplier - and if a review is indeed the only document you can produce that specifies precisely the processor type, then I suggest you make it known to PCA, and ask the supplier nicely to explain their position, and possibly agree to a change.

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