An old chestnut a new approach maybe?

  jack 11:08 06 Oct 2008

Talking to an acquaintance [ a jolly keep fit 80 year old]in the gym this morning.
He related to me the trouble has having getting his newly purchased HP Tower with Vista Home system and a printer[He did not specify which] to work.
We discussed the pro and cons of lack of drivers something that should have been sorted by now by the retail trade in my view.
So I suggested a suitable Internet search - to which he replied 'I am not on line nor do I want to be'
The seller of course was our old punchbag PCW.

I expressed the opinion that as they had sold him a 'package' it is not unreasonable to expect the items should be compatible and they they are failing in the duty of care.
So I think now he is going back to them to say - 'Sell goods that work - or money back'

Those of us that frequent here are on line have sufficient knowledge to do a suitable web search or or given the pointer for a suitable URL.
But there are folk who are not to knowledgeable
or in this case want to be.
What do you all think should the retail trade now have taken up the cudgels to the printer makers
and ensure machines are sold will all available drivers?

  jaraba 11:43 06 Oct 2008

I would have thought that the printer came with an instaalation cd which would have had the current/correct drivers on it.

  spuds 16:26 06 Oct 2008

All the printers that I have purchased come with the necessary disks!.

But you would have thought that the PCW staff would have known, if the products were compatible by checking the printer box!.

Having said that. PCW do offer an on-site setting-up extra service :O)

  jack 17:29 06 Oct 2008

'Having said that. PCW do offer an on-site setting-up extra service :O)'
I didn't know that having not had to avail my self
perhaps he was not aware.
I shall see him again Wednesday- and progress the story along.

  spuds 17:43 06 Oct 2008

PCW offer a number of 'extra' services, including setting up a network system, providing you buy the parts from them. One thing perhaps worth noting, the sales assistant who you purchased the goods from, can (at their discretion) offer a discount to the on-site service.

Pays not to upset the sales assistant's ;o)

  spuds 17:48 06 Oct 2008

Forgot to mention, that the in-store Tech Guys might also setup the system, if you arrange to take the components to them. They sometimes connect to the internet and load all the necessaries. Or at least my two local PCW's do!.

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