the old av merry go round

  [email protected] 17:10 27 Jun 2008

i know these tests are all honey pots and all have different results due to the small amount of samples used. but when i think of anti virus about 5 names spring to mind, i havnt heard of most of these av's, mind you hadnt heard of dr web till a month ago, and it's a tiny program.
anyway have a look through this if you like click here

  Earthsea 17:18 27 Jun 2008

I recently switched from AVG to AntiVir because it was causing problems. AntiVir was good, and found a dialler in a restore point which AVG, Ad-Aware, Spybot and SuperAntiSpyware missed, but unfortunately I had to ditch it because of problems connecting to the update server. I'm using Avast now, and so far so good.

  [email protected] 17:21 27 Jun 2008

i think avira is good but to have to pay to get the 'premium server' is a little unfair, cheaper than most though and premium is top of many comparision charts at the moment.

  mrwoowoo 17:26 27 Jun 2008

Nod 32 came out below AVG and Avast which are both free)O:!
Guess what i've got.
As you say,different Malware samples could possibly give different results although i think this is a fairly good indicator of what performance to expect.
Good to see Norton so low.Why do people still pay for that?

  [email protected] 17:33 27 Jun 2008

thats why i pay no attention to them, nod cant claim never to have missed a in the wild virus if it isnt true. nod doesnt scan very deep and can be stopped by the task manager, but this is why it's so light. i have tried many incluing norton which i never had a problem with, the only av to let me down was avg and the only performance hit i noticed was kaspersky 7. end of the day any av works if you're careful, i know a few people who dont use them and they're both programers.
anyway i didnt really want an this is better than that post, i wanted feedback on the un- common entries on my post.
esets claim btw click here

  crosstrainer 17:58 27 Jun 2008

I've been using Avira for a couple of months now (free with the mag) will have to purchase in August, but have had no issues with it on Vista machines.

AVG8, however was full of errors and bugs...gave up on it with Vista.

  DieSse 19:38 28 Jun 2008

"nod doesnt scan very deep and can be stopped by the task manager"

Says who?

Just try stopping it from the task manager - you can't. You really can't think they are that daft, surely?

  rdave13 19:44 28 Jun 2008

Using Avast and have done so for years. So armed with commonsense and Avast have had no problems with viruses.
Each to their own.

  [email protected] 22:31 28 Jun 2008
  crosstrainer 08:50 29 Jun 2008

I use Avira in conjunction with Spyware Doctor. That, Ccleaner and Adaware is all I need on Vista machines.

It does however depend on where you go on the web. I have clients who bring me in ailing machines full of www. xxx xxxx etc and www. pokerforall .com

They say "Oh it must have been my mate, I NEVER go to places like that" :)

Couple of months later...Same thing. I'm starting to think that my free lifetime support was a bad idea!

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