Oh my....... CRYSIS

  donki 21:17 02 Nov 2007

Just downloaded the demo and can safely say this games takes GFX to a different level. Like honestly I think ive just wee'd myself :), Absolutley STUNNING. Makes Oblivion look like a childrens book. Onli problem is u need quite a machine to run it :( and I havent even seen the "ultra high" setting which uses DX10. Im running on "high" settings and my FPS is between 10 and 30, quite playable. Game play is solid to and the AI is very clever. Cant wait for the release. Just thought id let you know.

  citadel 22:25 02 Nov 2007

I have taken a chance and pre-ordered, hope it not short or made xbox easy.

  brundle 22:40 02 Nov 2007

Downloading now, hope my 7900GS can take the strain.

  donki 00:33 03 Nov 2007

Its PC only, trust me no lil xbox kissys could handle this. Shows the true power of gaming on a PC.... even if it would cost you £1500 for a system to run it on full. A 7900??? Im on a 8800gts 640... and im borderline lol, thinken of a 8800gt maybe or wait for a 9800. Its definitely playable.

  iqs 12:31 03 Nov 2007

Have just installed CRYSIS,first impressions are not bad.
I just wish my graphics card would handle it better.I have the RADEON X1950 pro.I was playing the game on 1024x768,looked nice but there was a lack of detail and a lot of 80s pop up graphics.

With a DX10 card it must look amazing.

  Marko797 12:56 03 Nov 2007

I was due to get one of the x1950 pro cards, but if it's struggling with Crysis, then maybe a re-think is in order? Guess the game also requires shader 3.0, Donki?

  mac donald 15:54 03 Nov 2007

I have a 8800gtx card and crysis demo runs like a dream if games look like this one now what are they going to look in five years time.

  Mr Beeline 17:42 04 Nov 2007

Yep. Certainly an interesting game. Though anyone thinking of a graphics card upgrade would (in my opinion) be better off waiting until the next gen cards (IE. Nvidia 9800 series) come out in the Spring.

There are loads of posts in forums like OCUK's about folks upgrading from cards like 8800 GTS's (like I've got) to an 8800 GT card and again (in my opinion) they are mad! The performance increase is not "that" great. Fair enough if you have money to burn. My suggestion to anyone with an Nvidia 8800 GTS, would be to overclock it, there are gains of 15/20% to be had and they run totally stable at these sorts of clocks. This then puts your current card, at / very near performance wise to an 8800 GT.

Though for anyone looking to move from an earlier card (EG. 7900 GS ... like I had previously) the 8800 GT makes a VERY good buy. Though there is a revised 8800 GTS coming out later this month.

Also really depends on what you consider a playable frame rate in a First Person Shooter. Donki says he's happy with 10-30 FPS. No disrespect meant, but I'd be looking for more like 40-60 FPS in this sort of game.

As also commented by someone else above, the pop-up (IE. draw distance for certain objects) is pretty poor. And that's regardless of what graphical setting you use. Try the benchmark .bat file in the Crysis folder if you don't believe how bad it is, things appear and disappear as if by magic!

I'd also think the AI has a few holes in it (OK nothings perfect) but I managed to walk right up (not cloaked) to a group of guards, that just continued to stand there even when I opened fire on them! Fair enough, it's not bad a lot of the time.

But lets be honest. Is the game that much better graphically than say FarCry? At least until there's hardware that will allow you to play it at very-high graphical settings (at a "decent" FPS).

On my current system (AMD 4.8 X2 and 8800GTS) it gives (according to the time demo), on medium setting at 1280x1024... min 21FPS and average 41 FPS. So quite playable really.

Now will I buy it? Probably. But will wait for official release to be tested in the mags.

  Marko797 19:03 04 Nov 2007

Graphically, I think Far Cry kicks this into touch, although in reality we are only comparing it (FC) with the demo of Crysis, aren't we? The demo I got seemed full of bugs (as they are wont to have) but even controlling fwd movement was flawed (& unstoppable) on occasion. Put it this way, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be, but that might be down to my inferior graphs card.

  Mr Beeline 20:49 04 Nov 2007


I'd like to think there might be some improvements / optimisations between demo and released game. But... Crysis went "Gold" only a couple of weeks after the demo was released! So I'm guessing the demo is pretty much the final code. I suppose we can but hope it was based on an earlier build. Hence why I shall wait until I see a proper review of the finished product. Time will as pretty much allways... tell.

  Devil Fish 22:49 04 Nov 2007

looks good on the 8800gtx with everything cranked up

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