Office of Fair Trading unfair contract terms

  kevvyb 14:47 13 Jun 2003
  kevvyb 14:51 13 Jun 2003

The list of 11 other companies is interesting.

  -pops- 14:53 13 Jun 2003

Names we all know in that list!!!!

Thanks for that, kevvyb. VERY interesting!


  kevvyb 14:57 13 Jun 2003

So you see, it is worth reporting these issues to the regulatory authorities who now have improved powers to take action against companies who try it on.....says something about the attitude of those companies towards their customers I think.....

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:38 13 Jun 2003

Is it known what the unfair terms are?

  critic-al 16:02 13 Jun 2003

Theres a few names that have been recommended on that list,But what about the ones that are not listed are they still using unfair terms,I wait with eagerness to see who has not agreed to stop using unfair terms or will there names be published? lets hope so.
for clarification of unfair terms
click here

  Gerrycan 16:20 13 Jun 2003

I See the pc/retail company that is most often talked about on the help room is not on the list,I'm not going to mention who they are,as it usually stirs a hornets nest,But as said Interesting topic.

  kevvyb 16:27 13 Jun 2003

Funny, I thought that one of the most talked about here was top of the list.

I am sure that being absent from this list does not mean that a particular company might not be eligible for inclusion. Might just mean that the OFT has not received any complaints about them.

It pays to make a complaint to the proper authorities. The OFT now has increased powers.

  Gerrycan 16:49 13 Jun 2003

You must be talking about another company,the one I was thinking about must get loads of complaint judging by whats been posted,in pca.oops Nearly spelt PCA wrongly,,,(T I C)

  kevvyb 17:00 13 Jun 2003

I'm referring to the one at the top of the list of 11...

  The Spires 17:13 13 Jun 2003

I see Scan is on there, no doubt that related to the clause regarding goods being the consumers responsibilty one in the delivery van, that has changed now I believe or I for one would not buy from them. I do find it interesting that these companies felt the need to use 'unfair terms' in the begining. Shame.

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