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  BESTIE 09:53 14 Oct 2005

I have recently bought a new PC but would like any advice about anti virus software. I know Norton tend to be a decent brand but how do they compare with AVG which i undertstand is free to download,( am i able to download this using dial up rather than broadband). Also as i have limited funds available im looking to buy student teacher office but want a genuine copy from a reputable place. Can you tell me where is the best priced

thanks for reading and any information you can give me i would be grateful

  ventanas 10:45 14 Oct 2005

AVG is a 17mb download and would take quite a while on dialup. If you know anyone with BB I would suggest asking them to download it and put it on a cd for you.

PC World stock the student editions of Office. They may ask for proof of qualification although I believe that Microsoft no longer insist on this.

  BESTIE 10:53 14 Oct 2005

thanks for your response

when you download AVG via BB do you have to disble anti virus already on that PC or doesnt it matter.

  iscanut 11:20 14 Oct 2005

No problem downloading any file with AV enabled. In fact, you should never download anything without anti virus running. You should not install and run the program with another anti virus program running. Anyone can buy the Office Student Edition. No proof of any form of qualification is required. Go for it ! In addition to AVG, there are other good, free anti virus programs such as Avast. If you do a search on these pages, you will find many pages recommending freebies. If you have problems, send me an email with your address and I will send you a CD with some free AVirus programs, although I won,t be able to do this until Tuesday next week as I am away for a few days. I personally would not recommend Norton although others may disagree.

  spuds 11:48 14 Oct 2005

You will find that most computer magazines offer AVG and many other advisable protection downloads via a cover disk.Using this method will solve a slow and perhapd troublesome dial-up procedure.After download, ll that is usually required is any recent updates.

Office should be available via an educational/students licence [PCW,Ebuyer,Amazon sell them].

You could also look at the following highly recommended free and regular updated programmes for extra safety and protection. ZoneAlarm click here AVG click here Avast click here a2squared click here Adaware click here SpyBot S&D click here Spyware Blaster click here Clean up your computer CCleaner click here

All will run and work well together without any problems, but only use and select one anti-virus device, otherwise you may have virus detection and configuration problems.Also remember that no security or protection is 100% guaranteed, but regular checks and updates are essential for some peace of mind.

  fitcher 13:08 14 Oct 2005

I have just took norton off my computer although it had not expired , and I had been using it for five years.. I have been using avg on my laptop for a year .and I had used it before that,so now I am using avg plus xp,,and it seems ok to me .. I wish avg was able to accept monies in english .instead of dollars .ie had an english web site .I would upgrade it ,but it is so good .how do they do it ,,or is noton the biggest money making concern after bill ,cheers all

  Belatucadrus 14:15 14 Oct 2005

Try Grisofts UK site click here

click here may also be of interest to anybody on a budget wanting to set up a PC.

  pj123 17:49 14 Oct 2005

Anyone on Dialup who wants a copy of AVG, Adaware, Spybot, ZoneAlarm or Spywareblaster.

email me your address and I will post you out a CD with all these on. Obviously, they will only be up to date as at the time I downloaded them so you will still have to update them, which should be minimal.

  mattyc_92 17:58 14 Oct 2005

Just to add what others have said, you can download "OpenOffice" from click here which is FREE.

The only problem is it is around 80megs so it will take a while to download using Dial-Up.

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