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  Boghound 12:23 11 Jun 2007

Well...Took the plunge and upgraded from Office 2003 pro to Office 2007 Ultimate.
The actual upgrade was painless until I came to use my macros which had vanished. It proved not much of a problem in Word but Outlook is a big problem as there isn't a "Macro recording facility" as in word and you are left to your own devices to create a macro in VBA. Now this is all well and good if you have the time, patience and knowledge to do this but for me, it's a bit like being told "you have to put wheels on your new Ferrari before you can take it on the road."
I read all the "glowing" reports in PCadvisor about Office 2007 but no where did I read about the macro issue.
Now....the point of this long "tirade" is. Surely if you are paid to write in depth reports about a product, you should have the ability to write about some of the pit falls as well...Or perhaps it's a case of must not offend the manufacturers bearing gifts!!!!!!!

  Pine Man 12:31 11 Jun 2007

I got Office 2007 and decided to run it alongside Office 2003 for a while.

All appeared ok until I tried to load a Word macro in 2003 and it had vanished but when I had installed 2007 I had been given the option of upgrading from 2003 or leaving it alone.

I have now uninstalled 2003 and rewritten my macros.

The files produced by 2007 are much smaller and the application appears to run much faster so apart from rewriting macros it's a nice program - once you get used to the lack of menus!

  Boghound 13:03 11 Jun 2007

I agree with you but the macro situation in Outlook is driving me CRAZY. I'm having to use templates until I crack the problem....You never know though....Perhaps a SP1 is on the horizon and it will solve the problem!;)

  Pine Man 13:34 11 Jun 2007

I am bound to say that I don't use Outlook and didn't actually know you could use macros in it. I only use macros in Word and Excel and they are really no problem to rewrite.

Have you tried the Office discussion group?
click here=

Good luck!

  pj123 16:23 11 Jun 2007

Boghound, You "Took the plunge and upgraded from Office 2003 pro to Office 2007 Ultimate"

Why? Was there something wrong with Office 2003?

I am using Office 2000 and it does everything I want it to so I see no need to upgrade.

My idea is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

  Jackcoms 16:28 11 Jun 2007

I agree with you. I'm using Office 2002 and perfectly happy with it.

Have you seen or used Office 2007?

I use it at work and do NOT like the new look and 'feel' of it.

I seem to spend more time searching for the function/s I need than actually using it!

  pj123 16:43 11 Jun 2007

Jackcoms, no I am quite happy with what I have.

  Pine Man 18:24 11 Jun 2007

Jackcoms & pj123

I don't disagree at all with any of the sentiments you express in that 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' but that's boring,IMHO.

I have had virtually all of the versions of MS Office up to the present 2007, which is completely different to its predecessors. That is one of the attractions of new programs I suppose -they are a bit different.

Similarly when a new o/s comes out I get it. It usually isn't much better at first but I enjoy a challenge!

It is the same with cars - I change mine every two years but if my present car was 10 years old instead of 10 days it would still get me to where I want to be BUT I like new cars.

Each to his own but lets not forget that we all have a choice.

  Boghound 08:31 12 Jun 2007

The point of my posting was not whether to upgrade but the fact that in all the reviews, and in particular PCadvisor, there was absolutly no mention of the situation concerning macros in Outlook 2007.

  powerless 21:34 13 Jun 2007

Macros in Office 2007 are under the Developer tab.

But you will need to enable the developer tab; click the office ORB [top left in Word], word options, popular, Show Developer tab in the Ribbon.

The tab will then be available in other office apps.

OR have I missed the point?

  Boghound 07:52 15 Jun 2007

Unfortunately you have missed the point....the point being.....Not one review of Outlook 2007 was it mentioned that the "macro recording" function is no longer available.

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