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  cara 23:52 21 Mar 2004

Amongst the huge amount of spam I receive, one email in particular appears very disturbing.

Although I have not opened it or gone to the link - its 'promises' are a departure from the usual junk I receive and are massively worrying.

Is there somewhere - an organisation, who polices the internet - whereby I can forward the email so that it can be checked out? I don't want to just ignore, delete and do nothing about it.


  Forum Editor 00:10 22 Mar 2004

called the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) that works in conjunction with the UK police.

You'll appreciate that not all offensive mail is illegal, and the police can only act if the mail contains something that is illegal, or refers to something on the internet that is illegal. The British police can only act if the mail originated in the UK, or if the server that carries any illegal content is located in the UK. The IWF will assess the mail that you've received, and will take whatever action they decide is appropriate - which may involve making a report to the police, or to the ISP involved, or both.

I should stress that you should not report the matter to the Police directly - they prefer these matters to be referred to the IWF who are qialified to make judgments about the content.

Please be aware that the IWF (and the police) can only act in cases of:-

1. Child Pornography located anywhere in the world.

2. Adult material that would breach the Obscene Publications Act, but only if the offending site or service is hosted or registered in the UK.

3.Criminally racist material - but only if it is physically hosted in the UK

You can contact the IWF if you
click here

Good luck cara - I'm sorry you've been on the receiving end of something so unpleasant.

  Djohn 00:11 22 Mar 2004

cara unless it is directed at you personally by your real name rather than your user name or e-mail name then it may be best to just delete it and try to forget about it.

There are some very sad and disturbed people in life who have nothing better to do than send out this offencive and intruding type of material.

I'm sure you are aware of not replying to these mails under any circumstance but if you feel it is of a particularly obscene nature then yes you can report it. Unfortunately I haven't got the address in front of me, if no one else post the address by the morning then I will find it for you.

Regards. j.

  Djohn 00:13 22 Mar 2004

FE had it covered while I was typing. :o)

  cara 00:26 22 Mar 2004

It is not the obscene nature so much (that kind of stuff arrives in droves), rather concern for the (possible) victims.

I am trying to be very delicate here - but the email promises viewing of real sexual violence on real victims by their capturers. I have no idea if this is genuine, but certainly this must be a criminal offence if it were?

I just would feel better if I knew it could be checked out.

  Djohn 00:30 22 Mar 2004

cara. In this case I would do as FE as suggested and contact the IWF. This is the organisation I was thinking of but couldn't remember the name. j.

  cara 00:38 22 Mar 2004

Having checked out the website, the email does came under under their remit as 'non-consensual sex'.

I appreciate it may well not be all it seems, but have reported it, so hopefully it will be checked out.

I feel much better now I have done something about it.

Thanks Cara

  Forum Editor 00:43 22 Mar 2004

that's the only way this kind of thing will ever be controlled.

  BombayCallCentre 01:51 22 Mar 2004

click here if you are not blocking spam already. Block it from the server with it.

  georgemac 07:38 22 Mar 2004

now added to my favourites just in case I also get a mail like this. Well done Cara for reporting it instead of just eleting or blocking it. Something may be done about it. Over the weekend I have recieved about 150 emails of which 4 were genuine. I do not look at every mail now, let mailwasher do it's stuff, but I am seriously thinking of abandoning my exisiting email accounts and starting again.

We are getting broadband late July, so I am going to make the change then, and will not use my name in my new email address - sad? when you have to take steps like these!

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