OEM ME No Upgrade?

  Mr Clark 18:29 10 Jul 2003


At the weekend I bought windows XP home Upgrade thinking I would be able to use my Mesh recovery disc as the "previous verion" disc. However I couldn't. In the end I used an old Win 95 disk which worked fine.

I contacted Mesh and told them what I had tried to do. When Mesh replied they said it was because it was an OEM version of ME on the recovery disc. Is this correct? According to them "If you wish to upgrade to Windows XP where you previously had an OEM version, according to Microsoft, you are expected to purchase the full version, not the upgrade"

Is this not a bit of a false economy?

(This is not a pop at Mesh, merely a comment)

Any comments would be appreciated.

Mr Clark.

  zanwalk 20:09 10 Jul 2003

Surely you would have been able to upgrade your existing installed version of ME, I gather that the problem arose because you wanted to do a clean install, and therefore XP did not recognise the recovery disk as a valid version of Windows?

I can understand why you would want to do that, and I agree that these recovery disks are not very useful to say the least. I build PC's too, and every customer of mine has an original OEM Windows disk - not a recovery disk.

  Mr Clark 11:45 12 Jul 2003

Thanks for the reply, yes I did do a clean install as I thought it was the best Idea.

  carver 12:48 12 Jul 2003

I don't know why it didn't work , I did exactly the same thing with my Mesh, with the recovery CD and it worked perfectly.

  Mr Clark 12:03 13 Jul 2003

Did you do a clean install?

  carver 21:52 13 Jul 2003

I did a clean install by using the recovery disc first, then just used the XP upgrade disc to complete the install, and it's been the best thing I've ever done to improve this PC. The only problem was with the sound card and that just needed a download from creative.

  Djohn 23:03 13 Jul 2003

Your lucky that the 95 dick allowed you to upgrade! Only 98 and above qualify for upgrading to XP. Regards. j.

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