O2 v Tiscali

  charlton200 13:16 29 Apr 2008

I have been with tiscali 3 years with no problems,
i have rung the support up twice and it was awful, but everything else is OK.
I'm on 1mg and i pay £12.99.

i was all set to change to o2 at £12.50 for 8mg,
I rung up Tiscali for my MAC code and they offered me 8mg,wireless ,no contract, no extra to pay for £9.99.

This has left mne unsure now

do i stay or do I go?

I know Tiscali has a bad rep' but they have been OK with me, but i know they have serious problem.
O2 has a good rep so far.
Money is a big issue for me as i have poor heath and out of work.

Any advise would help.


  Taff™ 13:43 29 Apr 2008

On the plus side there`s no contract (Check what happens if you subsequently leave in respect of the wireless router - is there a penalty?) It`s cheaper than switching.

On the downside it is Tiscali but so far you haven`t had any major problems yet. I`d perhaps decline their offer of a wireless router and stay with them - you`ll be saving £3 a month. If Tiscali`s problems do affect you, change later. I am with Pipex, now owned by Tiscali and I am taking this exact same approach.

  charlton200 13:51 29 Apr 2008

I was hoping to go wireless as i run a xbox360 of my computer and all the wires have to travel up the stairs all the time. still if i changed my mind afterwords i suppose i could send the router back.

  Taff™ 14:23 29 Apr 2008

I suspect they won`t want it back and will charge you a proportion of it`s "Cost". You will no doubt want a wireless router whoever you move to so I`d consider buying one yourself - it`ll be cheaper in the long run.

  GaT7 18:05 29 Apr 2008

If you've been happy with Tiscali then stay with them. The 'no contract' sounds great, as if they don't deliver you could just leave. You may have to give a month's notice though?

If you change your mind you, could get O2 for cheaper, by doing the following two things:

1. Become an O2 mobile customer - this gives £5 off each month. As an O2 PAYG customer, £10 minimum top-up is required every 3 months to get the discounted rate.

It's worth it if you already own a PAYG phone that you top-up from time to time, & that's unlocked, i.e. will accept an O2 SIM. You can get an O2 SIM for free click here, & also transfer your present number across if required for free.

2. Go through Quidco click here & get £25 cashback, which works out to £2 each month over a year.

Note that Quidco takes a £5 annual fee but only if you earn £5 or more in that year. I've earned quite a bit over the years by doing as much of my shopping through them. G

  charlton200 18:52 29 Apr 2008

Thanks for all that.

I did unlock my phone myself from the INTERNET with the thought of getting the sim. Then i saw the £10 top up every 3 months. I don't get through £10 in a year, so I,m not sure that will pay of. I have joined quidco though.
The o2 offer only last to tomorrow, so i have to make up my mind and if tiscali don't give me the mac code the same day it will be too late.


  charlton200 21:07 29 Apr 2008

I made a mistake - the offer lasts to June.

  Stuartli 23:50 29 Apr 2008

Don't forget that Tiscali is seeking to find a buyer - you might not like any future developments which may take place.

  charlton200 07:42 30 Apr 2008

I forgot about that. would they be able to put the price up.

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