O2 Upgrades

  Fateful Shadow 15:44 16 Jul 2006

I reached the 12 month mark on my O2 contract this month and was told that i am now eligable to upgrade my handset, so I thought I'd have a look around and see if there was anything worth upgrading to.

I found something, rang up and enquired, and told that if I wanted to upgrade there'd be a £90 upgrade fee. I thought, "What?!" I was always under the impression that upgrades were free or not as expensive as that.

The thing is, if I was to cancel this contract and sign up for a new one on the phone I wanted, it'd end up costing less to get the same allowances per month. The only thing I'd have to change is my number.

Is there any reason for this and has anyone else had a similar experience??

  spuds 16:00 16 Jul 2006

The very first mobile that I had many years ago was on contract. Never again, too much hassle. Give me the PAYG scheme anytime, with a £39.00/£50.00 new mobile phone, as an when I want a (upgrade)change.

  jaritch 16:26 16 Jul 2006

If you want to keep your number shop around with other networks as you can transfer your number. You just need the PUK code which you can obtain from O2.

  silverous 16:41 16 Jul 2006

If you are out of contract upgrades are typically free. These days the networks are often trying hard to keep you, I know Orange in particular has whenever I've talked about leaving. Doesn't sound to me like there's any reason for you to stay, do you need to be o2? Consider switching to Orange or Vodafone and you can port your number.

  silverous 16:42 16 Jul 2006

It can depend on how much you spend with the networks though - I've always spent min. of £35 per month and got free upgrades.

  SG Atlantis® 17:01 16 Jul 2006

You mean a PAC code, not a PUK code.

Upgrades used to be alot more pricier than they are now. They base your discount on your monthly spend, (how much more you use on your bill above line rental). They don't like cancellations and signing up again aswell.

Threaten to leave and see what they say....

  o44wen 19:18 16 Jul 2006

Which phone are you after? if you go through to the cancellations you can always get near the deal you want, especially if you say you dont really want to leave them but you just cant get the deal you need. look round and get prices of deals elsewhere. i got a good deal last week the o2 Online 100 plan for 10 quid per month but the charged me 69 for the phone. i was really wanting the phone free..

  Diodorus Siculus 19:28 16 Jul 2006

HotUKDeals - Main Page
click here

The forums on these pages offer some good advice re. upgrading.

  peonfilms 00:37 17 Jul 2006

Ask for your PAK code. They'll put you through to someone who'll ask you why you want it. Give them a good reason. They'll offer you the handset you want for free. Trust me on this one.

  v1asco 16:11 18 Jul 2006

(Phone in post) with the 3 network which suits me, though does have its moments. At first they were oferring various phones, none of which I liked. I called them back and asked for Sony Ericsonn K800i, which is newly launched. They supplied it and 6 months half rent for a 12 month contract.
No complaints there, provided the phone arrives.
Just ask or switch. A mild mention of cancelling and moving to a competitor often works wonders.

  exdragon 17:13 18 Jul 2006

My contract is payable annually in advance (£120) as I only use my free 75 minutes a month. I went for an upgrade and asked what would happen if I didn't like the replacement. They said to send it back and they'd give me £75 (didn't say that last year when I didn't ask about an upgrade). Then I asked if I could have the £75 refunded, as if call charges are under £1 a month, I'd be 147 years old before I used all the credit. No problem & they gave me and extra £10 for the problem I'd been having.

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