O2 contact upgrade advice

  wizza68 19:58 30 Jul 2007


I have my mobile through O2 and my 12 month contract is up. I spoke with them about the options of upgrading my phone by they told me that I would have to increase my monthly contract from £30 to £50 to get the Nokia N95. I asked for my PAC, which has been sent, as I could get a cheaper deal elsewhere but they do not match "independant retails" (e.g. Carphone wharehouse, etc) only offers direct from the other networks.

However, my question is to what lengths O2 will go to keep you as a customer? As I have my PAC will they now call it a day or should I expect them to contact me to offer me a better deal than I originally was?

I am happy with the service and signal I get so would rather stay as O2 customer as opposed to have to make the effort to now source a phone and a new contract elsewhere.

You experiances of this situation would be most helpful. Thanks.

  Chris-347369 20:05 30 Jul 2007

Now that you have your PAC code i'd consider it a sign they've given up. They would normally offer you something before giving out the code

  wizza68 20:03 31 Jul 2007

thanks for the advice.

  polish 22:27 31 Jul 2007

have you tried the customer retensions dep find them very good for better deals or phones in my experience
they will try to help if you can get a better deal elsewere tell them and they might well match now in my 9th year originally bt mobile and have had 99 percent good service

  P1d 09:37 01 Aug 2007

Usually the pac code has a time out period so if you haven't used it after a certain amount of days you will have to request another (I'm not too sure on the number of days though sorry).

I would speak to retentions, I always do as they can offer more than customer services. You may have to up your monthly contract if you want the phone free or they may say you can stay on your current tariff and pay £50 for the phone. I'm with O2 (£35 per month) and I was offered the N95 free (didn't take it though, needed a different model).

Hope this helps.


  m800afc 13:00 01 Aug 2007

I agree with Polish. My contract ended in January and I got a brand new PDA and stayed on my old, 12 month, contract. Try retentions again, you may find some wriggle room.

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