o2 Broadband - excellent so far - touch wood

  mikeben121 23:02 26 Apr 2008

Was with Tiscali Broadband. 2Mbps service. Averaged around the 1.6 Mbps until they tried to upgrade me to 8Mbps. Then service dropped to 750kbs.

Eventually decided to switch to o2. Price was good but what really sold it was Uk call centres!

Now get 12Mbps.

I think part of the reason for poor service on Tiscali 8Mbps was due to poor line into house. But that doesn't seem to stop o2! I've noticed that the modem / router is Thomson. Maybe this is a speedtouch modem?

Now what do I do with my extra speed?

  GaT7 00:35 27 Apr 2008

No complaints here either. Was on Virgin Media 2Mb cable service. Now on O2 & also get around 12Mb. O2 is ADSL2plus to Tiscali's standard(?) ADSL - perhaps that makes a difference to the excellent & consistent speeds.

I don't need my extra speed either - getting 6 times the speed for £2.50 a month less with O2. Also a wireless router & free UK 24/7 phone support - neither of which I had with VM. Couldn't be happier :-)), G

  spuds 13:12 27 Apr 2008

Reading all the latest reviews and reports, 02 seem to have a very high rating for service standards.

But the only problem that I can perhaps foresee, is that everyone might like to subscribe, and by doing so, pressures of subscription might cause a deterioration in future service. I am with Tiscali, and have been for a long time. But with the increase of special offers to attract new customers, the service I am receiving is becoming very poor.

  GaT7 16:28 27 Apr 2008

spuds, ADSL2+ may make a big difference - coming to Tiscali soon? click here. G

  Esc4p3 09:06 28 Apr 2008

No complaints here either, getting 7 of my 8mb service. Mind you they had a major outage (affected a lot of people) last night, first time since I've been subscribed

  GaT7 12:25 28 Apr 2008

Same here about last evening's outage - lasted 4-5hrs. Blamed it on BT - as they would ;-). Probably was major as they took 30mins to answer my call (good thing it's a free phone number!) - I called them once before my call was answered within a minute. Only been subscribed over 3 weeks, so wasn't too impressed. Let's hope that was a one off.

Esc4p3, you've been subscribed quite a while then? G

  beeuuem 12:35 28 Apr 2008

The outage probably was BT. My usually reliable Be connection was down for an hour. Be did leave a message on the free tech support line so it only took 30 seconds to be advised of the problem.

  GaT7 12:52 28 Apr 2008

O2 owns BE, so wonder why they didn't do the same & leave a similar message too?

I called them almost an hour after it happened - after having tried their broadband assistant, switching the modem on & off, rebooting the PC, etc, etc. G

  Esc4p3 13:46 28 Apr 2008

Only been with o2 around a month, I did make it sound like I had been with them longer "first outage since I subscribed", but anyway, very happy. Within a few minutes of ringing the 0800 number I knew something was up as calls normally answered very quickly - yes they should have put a pre-recorded "thanks for ringing o2, please be aware our service is currently down, blah blah", would have saved me hanging on.

  charlton200 11:31 29 Apr 2008

I rang tiscali this morning for my Mac so i could go to o2.
I pay £12.99 for 1mg with tiscali and they offered me 8mg, wireless , no contract,nothing extra for £9.99.
I was all set for going now i'm not so sure.

O2 is still pulling me towards them.

  beeuuem 13:01 29 Apr 2008

I am with Be which is now part of O2. Apart from the occasional outage such as above it just works.
Had I not been with Be for some time I would also be tempted to go to O2
I do get the odd dropout but that is because I choose to tweak it to get the best speeds.

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