nVIDIA Geforce3 Ti500 64 MB Graphics Card

  LEN4X 13:48 06 Jan 2003
  LEN4X 13:48 06 Jan 2003

I am currently running the above graphics card and am thinking of upgrading my system.

I have an Evesham Evolution 2000G3 computer (2.0GHz) with 1.0 Ghz RDRAM installed.

I require higher frame rates with higher performance for running Flight Sim 2002 in fairly high resolution modes i.e => 1280x1024 with refresh rate at 100 Hz on a 21" Dell P1110 monitor.

I prefer to run the program with maximum density settings selected whilst maintaining high performance.

As scenery,terrain and texture data is continually improving I note that the frame rate is reducing, so, I am now trying to decide my best upgrade option.

I have seen the GFA Ti4600 128MB card details but am uncertain if this would be fully utilized by my system, would it be an over-kill or are there better boards I should consider for my application)?

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who could advise me on this subject!

Regards LenD

  PªūĽ ™ ♂ 14:41 06 Jan 2003

If you want a better graphics card there are a few options to think about. THe first is the radeon 9700 Pro its an expensive card at the moment but its the best there is. You will probably pay about £250 or more. Get the pro version though and not a non pro. The geforce 4 TI 4600 is a very good card as well It isnt quite as good as the 9700 though. In a few months or so the Geforce FX will be released this is the latest in the line of geforce cards and will probably be the best that you can buy. If your willing to wait until then then you will see if the FX is any good, How much it costs, And you will proably see a price drop on every other graphics card that is available at the moment. I would wait a while and see what happens.

  Pilch.... 16:02 06 Jan 2003

wait, for the GFX to appear then ATI will most probably drop the price to be more competitive so will become cheaper...

although you can wait and wait, waiting for the FX will be benifical.

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