nVidia gamers might like to see this

  TOPCAT® 19:53 31 Mar 2007

if they are using the nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS cards. Apparently there's a problem with them that drivers won't fix, so gameplay can be affected. click here

There's also some news on the ATI/AMD front too. TC.

click here

click here

  TOPCAT® 19:55 31 Mar 2007

Sorry, just ignore the bottom link! TC.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:02 31 Mar 2007

It's a hoax for April 1st

  Stuartli 23:27 31 Mar 2007

Still March 31st where I live...

  rdave13 23:30 31 Mar 2007

10/10. The author is "C. Lee Yu". Doh!
It doesn't count though as we're not there yet..:))

  Totally-braindead 09:25 01 Apr 2007

If its not a hoax then its amazing to think that with 16 mb of super fast memory the graphics chip will blow off a 8800 GTX.
Make your own mind up about that.

  sidecar sid 09:56 01 Apr 2007

click here

  TOPCAT® 12:46 01 Apr 2007

I'm a member of the Tech ARP forums and I've got to say I was completely caught off guard by the 'news' in the email they sent me. Naturally enough, I posted it here to warn others about those 'defective' cards, especially when they cost so much here. TC.

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