Nuke Pirates

  tomm23 21:17 11 Nov 2005

Does anyone have share the same facts on this site group:
Team Nuke Pirates
click here They are a nasty piece of work like using the same philosophy as "hitmen". Why i hear you say as their against piracy surely that's good. Ah ha but that's what they make out the public to believe but i know of many legitimate accounts were they have abuse legal sites especially the host providers. Their excuse it's a pirate site. Yes and they even get paid for it to. So what they do is anybody that wants to abuse another domain or website all they need to do apparently is to pay NukePirates to flood the providers of a site they don't like maybe for competition reasons. This is why this site needs to to shut down fast - their smearing the good name of the real anti-piracy authorises like the software business alliance out there. I have contact microsoft about this and other to sites to join me to shut them down.

  Forum Editor 23:20 11 Nov 2005

you can't post here denouncing a company simply because you don't like them. You have libelled the company concerned unless you have concrete evidence that they are indeed a "nasty piece of work like using the same philosophy as "hitmen"" and are gulity of the other allegations you make against them.

Why on earth you've contacted Microsoft beats me - it has nothing whatsoever to do with them, and I can guarantee they'll ignore you - as I am mgoing to do, unless you provide me, via email, with firm evidence to back up your allegations. I very much doubt that you'll do that, and I'm locking this thread accordingly.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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