Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking v10

  thegreypanther 19:34 25 Dec 2008

Just a word of warning.
I received a mail shot as to the marvels of Dragon Naturally Speaking v10, and was sufficiently convinced of its benefits to order a copy. About £60.
On trying to instal the program I was immediately informed that it was NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows Vista x64. Brilliant!! All the promotional material was aimed at saying how the program was the latest etc. etc. and was fit for Windows Vista. But NOT A WORD about lack of compatability with x64.
So now I have the expense and nuisance of returning the package to Nuance, and hoping that I get a refund.
Forget all those glowing reviews, - if you can't make a program that isn't compatible with Windows Vista x64, then don't bother trumpeting about the marvels of your product.

  tullie 20:30 25 Dec 2008

And allways remember to check if software is compatible.

  curofone 20:51 25 Dec 2008

This is taken off the Nuance website under the "tech spec" for dragon naturally speaking 10

# Windows Vista™ or Windows Vista™ SP1, 32-bit
# 64-bit OS not currently supported
Please note the fact that is states vista 32bit and then straight under that states it is not 64 bit compatible.

So some how this is their fault that you did not bother check that it was not compatible 64 bit OS even though it is very clearly stated on their website.

It really annoys me when people put down products that could actually be very good becuase of their own mistakes. I would say more but it christmas and i don't want to get told off by the FE

  thegreypanther 21:31 25 Dec 2008

Problem is that the promotional material rather led me to expect that everything would be fine.
You have to dig around on the Nuance website to discover about the incompatability, - and I didn't do that(and I doubt whether many other purchasers would do that) until AFTER purchasing the product.
The promotional material is such that not many people are going to go digging around on a website to find out whether there are problems, - you're rather led to expect the product updates all preceding versions and delivers the goods to anyone ordering it.
C'est la vie.

  curofone 22:41 25 Dec 2008

Come on why do you not tell the readers the truth, on the website you click on products then which ever version and then tech spec and it tells you right there that it is not compatiable with 64 bit os you dont have to go digging around in the slighest.

The first thing you should do before buying any software is actually make sure that it is actually compatible with your hardware and existing software (ie the os) and if you did not do that then it is not the companies fault it is yours.

just for anyone else here is the page for the product and if you think they hide the fact then it is not 64 bit compaitable then please correct me but as far as i am concered they make it more than obvious. click here

This is all your own fault and as far as i am concerned you should be posting that people should always take the time to check the specs rather than warning us that a product is not compatible with your machine.

  Chas49 23:12 25 Dec 2008


Sometimes we are rather blinded by what a program is said to do and don't even think of checking compatibility in our eagerness to get and try it - especially if you have previously seen the QVC's demos of the program. I suspect that is what you did and we all fall for this at some time or another!

The part telling you that it is not compatible with X64 is under another tab (Tech Specs) on curofone's link.

  thegreypanther 08:42 26 Dec 2008

Thanks Chas49. You're quite correct in what you say.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that I purchased Nuance's PDF Professional PDF Converter 5, and have been absolutely delighted with this program.
Plus the fact that I have been using Vista x64 for almost 2 years now, and it has been some while since compatability problems raised their head.

Anyway, let sleeping dogs lie. I've had my fingers burnt with this one, so maybe I have learned a lesson.

  spuds 12:53 26 Dec 2008

Make sure that you claim a refund correctly and promptly.

Someone else having a problem with Nuance click here

But in all fairness I find Dragon a very good product, more so when a Dragon rep was in PC World advising on the product, before I made a purchase.

  curofone 13:49 26 Dec 2008

surely Nuance are under no obligation in this case to actually give a refund as I thought they only had to if the product was faulty which it is not, plus i am assuming the package has been opened and attempted to be used.

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