NTLs important changes to ....

  pj123 19:30 14 Sep 2006

our phone services.

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Got a letter from NTL today telling me all about these new phone services.

My normal monthly NTL phone bill is around £80 to £120 per month so £25 for free 24/7 UK landline calls look pretty good to me.

Unfortunately, I have been trying at regular intervals during the day to "sign up". No luck. I suppose all the 5 million customers NTL claim to have are also trying to get on to the site to sign up. I have also tried the phone number on the letter, no luck there either. Has anyone on NTL managed to get this package yet?

It doesn't actually start until "early next year" but if I switch to this plan before 31st October, I'll get the first three months for half price. So, still got a bit of time left.

  Monoux 20:11 14 Sep 2006

I don't understand this. I've been on NTL with Broadband for £24.99 per month for ages. Broadband is unlimited downloads etc and 24/7. I can also phone all UK numbers staring 01 or 02 24/7 with no charge for up to one hour ( then normal rates apply ) but you can hang up & start again with a fresh hour if you need to. Any other numbers I have tompay for e.g. o845 or mobiles but I rarely ring them anyway. I don't see why this is new !!

  pj123 20:59 14 Sep 2006

Thanks, Monoux. Now I don't understand it either.

I have NTL Cable TV, Broadband (same as you, £24.99 per month) and two separate phone lines.

The letter I got is dated September 2006.

Looks like I have been paying them £££s when I needn't have. Up to now I have been on the 3-2-1 phone tariff ( 3p during the day, 2p evenings and 1p all weekend).

I need to get through to them faster than I thought.

  namtas 22:01 14 Sep 2006

PJ 123
I am suprised that you have such a large bill, I assume that you must have special services to bump it up.

I have Talk Talk option 3 unlimited call 24/7 apart from mobiles and non geographic and my monthly bill is always about £17.00

I have NTL for BB and that is a further £17.99

  De Marcus™ 22:12 14 Sep 2006

pj123 probably has TV, broadband and phone from NTL, hence the price.

  De Marcus™ 22:13 14 Sep 2006

I should read all posts first.
I should read all posts first.
I should read all posts first.
I should read all posts first.
I should read all posts first.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:27 14 Sep 2006

rarely exceed £10 per month, so this is not of much interest to me. But although a phone network is very expensive to set up, actual running costs arent that much. Perhaps we arent too far away from the day when we will pay a flat fee for unlimited domestic calls.


  pj123 22:36 14 Sep 2006

De Marcus™, no you don't have to stand in the corner with a pointed hat on.

I do have TV, BB and Telephone from NTL, but my phone bill alone is around £80 to £120 a month.

The TV and BB are separate accounts.

namtas, what do you mean "special services". My phone calls are mostly UK local and national calls. A few non-geographical (0870) and mobile phone calls but no premium rate numbers (I have call barring on premium rate numbers).

  namtas 23:28 14 Sep 2006

pj123, I seem to be using the phone as you do and my bills with TT are as stated, you appear to be paying way over the top. re special service, I thought maybe perphaps you had some add on services to give this high level.

  VoG II 10:38 15 Sep 2006

Ye Gods! I've just checked my last Telewest/blueyonder statement: phone bill £21.48, total for: 10MB uncapped broadband, telephone, digital TV £91 - and that's a tad higher than normal!

Maybe you ought to shop around?

  pj123 16:30 15 Sep 2006

Still can't get to the website to change my phone plan. But have just now got through on the phone and both my phone lines are now on Talk Unlimited 24, as of now. Don't understand why the letter said "Starting early next year....."

Plus I have got the first three months on both phone lines at half price.

Good result.


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